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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. And it’s two weeks too early for the clocks to be going back.
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  2. Digital Spy forum who are reliable with TV schedules. I'm glad Dame Olivia is getting her own "At The BBC".
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  3. If Not For You deluxe has arrived! It was in a padded envelope, and there is a tiny bump on one corner, otherwise, looks good.
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  4. Where did you get it from?
  5. From Amazon.
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  6. 1977’s Greatest Hits Deluxe edition out 10/21.

    not sure if already posted.

    I hope the next Deluxe is Totally Hot for it’s 45th anniversary.
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  7. No sign of Totally Hot for a while.

    Next releases are Greatest Hits Volume 2 and the duets album. Supposedly early in 2023.
  8. Shame of no Totally Hot just yet, but a big yes about Greatest Hits Volume 2!!
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  9. Speaking of duets, two I've recently come across and have become expectedly obsessed with: Take A Chance (with John Travolta) and You Were Great, How Was I? (with Carl Wilson of Beach Boys).

  10. I mean, Totally Hot could come next year too. It’s just that no one has mentioned it yet.
  11. Hurrah! I hope they make the most of the fabulous Greatest Hits Vol. 2 packaging!
  12. Fingers crossed to that I think.
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  13. Totally Hot is creeping towards being one of my favorite albums of the late 70s. I just love the whole production, aesthetic and vibe. She was on fire. Tanya Tucker's TNT from the same year is also great in a similar vein.
  14. She really just oozed confidence on Totally Hot, it's such a well crafted and classy late 70s record.
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  15. Lovely tribute to Olivia. Played over an elongated version of Magic. Some great clips here that I hadn’t seen before.

  16. I saw Only Olivia had been extended from 10 minutes to 50 minutes on Digital Spy today which makes more sense. What is it? A concert or documentary from the 70s?
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  17. It’s a TV show from 1977. She sings around 13 songs. She’s performing live, so it’s like a little concert. There’s a few filmed segments though.

    It’s on YouTube, but isn’t great quality. I seem to recall she was wearing gold boots on the show!
  18. Picked up People magazine with Olivia on the cover in WHSmith today, and noticed (and got) an American bookazine called Her Life in Pictures, it's glossier than the 'print on demand' People special. A bit pricey at £14.99, but that's the weak pound for you.
  19. Is that the one with 40 odd pages? I wouldn’t have paid that. The US edition apparently had 100 pages.

    Which still isn’t a lot.
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