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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. It's the 100 page one. Thick enough to have a spine. It is a lot to pay, but I doubt there will be anything else like it to buy.
  2. Oh right. I’ll look out for it then. It wasn’t in my WH Smith this week.
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  3. It’s finally arrived today!! Better late than never, and thankfully it’s completely undamaged this time. It was taking so long that I’d started to wonder if I should have just put up with the damaged one. First I had to wait for new stock to arrive, then (as last time) it took a week to arrive in the post.
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  4. I ordered the new deluxe CD and LP from Amazon US three weeks ago. Still has not even shipped, despite both items being in stock the whole time. A common problem with Amazon US these days it seems.
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  5. Glad it came at last.

    Don’t forget the Greatest Hits is out next week. I’ve ordered that from Amazon this time.
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  6. Yes, I’m hoping I won’t have to send that back as well…

    Speculating on what will be on the reissue of Volume 2….

    The Australian and Japan version had 14 tracks. The EMI “Olivia’s Greatest Hits” edition also had Summer Nights, along with What Is Life and Rosewater that aren’t on Volume 1, so I’m wondering if all 17 tracks will be included?

    1-10 US:
    Heart Attack
    Hopelessly Devoted To You
    Make A Move On Me
    A Little More Love
    You’re The One That I Want
    Tied Up

    11-14 Australia/Japan additional tracks:
    Deeper Than The Night
    Totally Hot
    The Promise (The Dolphin Song)

    15-17 UK and other EMI countries:
    Summer Nights
    What Is Life
    Rosewater (edit)
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  8. I remember cutting that piece out of the Radio Times!

    Only Olivia was screened on Friday 23rd September 1977 and the interview you mention was in that week’s edition of Radio Times. It might have been the first time she mentioned Grease in print as she was just finishing making the film.

    Also saved this page from RT.

  9. Interesting to see Olivia discuss Grease during filming when no-one could have imagined the phenomenon that was about to be unleashed on the world.
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  10. Apparently her boyfriend/manager at the time tried to talk her out of making Grease as he thought the 50s music would hurt her career!
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  11. Thank goodness she didn't listen!
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  13. Don’t forget the new remastered Greatest Hits CD/LP is released on 21/10.

    Hopefully anyway. All the other Primary Wave reissues have been a mess, so it will be a miracle if this goes smoothly.
  14. Olivia’s 10 best songs according to The Guardian.

  15. Always nice to see I Need Love included methinks.
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  16. I only caught the last half of Olivia at the BBC as I was out, but it looked interesting. Intrigued as to why the video for Suddenly uses a different vocal take (I know it’s probably on YouTube but never watched it on there - this was probably the first time I’d seen it since 1980!).
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  17. Suddenly was taken from her US TV special that aired in March 1980. It was the first song the public heard from Xanadu. I actually preferred that early take to the finished album version.
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  18. I thoroughly enjoyed Olivia night on BBC2. I wasn't going to stay up late but I watched the whole thing. Tweeting along while watching Xanadu was fun. And I had a tweet exchange with Bob Stanley, he didn't realise the reissue of If Not For You was out! He's hoping to do more notes for his favourite ONJ album. He didn't confirm or deny that would be Totally Hot.
  19. I can understand Bob not realising If Not For You was out. It’s practically impossible to find in the U.K.

    Great to see Only Olivia in full colour and with good sound quality again. Fantastic live vocals throughout on the show.
  20. Watching Only Olivia right now as I right this. What a couple of fantastic feel good openers!
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