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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Well, still available on Amazon (though not at an attractive price), and a few eBay sellers have it. It might lose a few sales by not being on the shelves in HMV.

    I expect it not to be readily available for that long though, and eventually it might fetch ridiculous prices. Then again, I thought that about Physical but that’s still around. Amazon still has it for a reasonable £23.50.

    If Not For You is actually my first CD purchase this year, having decided to cut down on them. The Greatest Hits reissue this week will be the second.
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  2. Really enjoyed Olivia night. Xanadu is nowhere near as bad as its made out to be. Its just silly fun with great songs.
  3. Xanadu is an ultimate feel good film, always makes me smile in the best possible way when I see it,
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  4. I'm obsessed with Love is Alive now. I don't think I've ever heard it before, just heard of it. I hope it ends up on one of the deluxe editions.
  5. There was a live version of Love Is Alive as a bonus track on the 2010 Japanese SHM CD edition of Totally Hot.

    It wasn’t as good as the version on Only Olivia though.

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  6. Oh yes, the Only OIivia version is more polished. I'd like that one on a future CD, please if the reissue gods are reading.
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  7. She did it on her US show, A Special, in 1976 too. That was a decent version as well.

    You should check out A Special, by the way. Really lovely show. It’s on YouTube I think.
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  8. Thanks! I just ordered the Japan CD and the US LP. I also want the Target LP, I will probably need to go to Discogs or e-bay for that.
  9. The Target LP is goregous.
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  10. I don’t care for the artwork on the Target. It looks a bit cheap.

    You can’t beat the original LP artwork, can you?
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  11. A few pictures of the Japanese SHM-CD set that’s released tomorrow.

  12. I see that they do have this on Amazon to pre order. A bit pricey, but quite nice to have all in one set. I still hope/glad that Greatest Hits Volume 2, appears to be getting it's own re issue. Much more about the ONJ pop years!!
  13. It’s very hard to get Japanese CDs for a reasonable price in the U.K. now. Most of them add in the import tax fee to the price.
  14. I may go for it, though November is a busy month re issue wise for me-the Break Every Rule reissue especially was a must have!!
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  15. I still haven’t decided whether to get the box or 2 CD set of Break Every Rule.

    It annoys me that the box seems to have the discs in crappy cardboard sleeves.
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  16. I'm just glad it's getting an re issue, long, long overdue!!
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  17. I’ve had a message from the seller I bought the Greatest Hits CD from to say it’s been postponed until 11 November. As no where else has mentioned this, and it’s meant to be tomorrow, I’m assuming it’s the seller that can’t get stock until then. I can wait, it’s not as if there’s any exclusive content on it!
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  18. I ordered it from Amazon this time. They’re still saying it will arrive on Tuesday, but I’m guessing this won’t happen.

    In the US it seems like the LP will be out tomorrow, but not the CD.

    The Japanese SHM-CD set pictured above has already begun shipping according to people on Facebook
  19. Just to clarify regarding the GH reissue, there are these two versions, right?
    - US Primary Wave - 1CD
    - Japanese SHM-CD edition - 2CD

    But is there a UK reissue forthcoming as well, or was I imagining it?
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