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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. You will love every second of it. A UK tour is very much overdue - the last time Olivia played a concert there was in 1978 in support of 'Totally Hot'! She's in fine voice and puts on a great show for casual fans and diehards alike.

  2. *Hyperventilating* I'm going through an Olivia phase at the moment so this is perfect timing - especially obsessed with 'Livin' In Desperate Times' - it's such a great track.

    I'm eager to here her new track with John Travolta. I hope it's something upbeat, I'll be crushed if it's a forgettable ballad.
  3. Sooo excited about the Xmas album and the tour!!!
  4. Tickets on sale Friday 9AM!


  5. Tickets go on sale the same day as Girls Aloud! I think I might take Friday morning off. I'm trying for Cardiff. Royal Albert Hall would be lovely too but I will have to see how things pan out with the Girls Aloud tour.
  6. I love country Olivia the best, her 1970s output was the best, even beating my beloved Dolly.

    I purchased on tape one of her 80s albums which included a song called "Culture Shock" which was about a menage a trois, and was so awful I wanted mind bleach.
  7. jsd


    Never heard that one before, at least I don't remember it. Listening to the sample on iTunes now. It's freaking hilarious! So bad it's good.
  8. Just bought my tickets for her tour next year, Girls Aloud & Olivia within a few days of each other...roll on March!
  9. She's such a brilliant interpreter and singer. It's strange how she never quite elevated from cult status, despite having so many big moments.

    I don't remember the exact quote, but Dolly Parton praised her cover of Jolene to the skies.
  10. Got third row at Cardiff, that and the three (so far) Girls Aloud dates, I'll be overdosing on pop heroines.

    Soul Kiss is an odd album. Olivia was clearly trying to compete with Madonna but it wasn't convincing at all. I do find some of the songs hilarious. As well as Culture Shock there's Overnight Observation where she's flirting with a doctor and he's flirting back, how unethical! However, the last track The Right Moment is a great 80s power ballad. Her hair in the video is shocking though.
  11. Well done lisaj! Make sure you post your thoughts after the show, will be looking forward to hearing what you think.

    There's a real conviction in Olivia's vocal for 'The Right Moment' which transcends the somewhat dodgy 80s 'atmospheric' production. I'm a big sucker for 'Queen Of The Publication' and 'Moth To A Flame' too. Such athletic, spirited performances, even if the lyrics are (like most of the ones on 'Soul Kiss') a touch laboured.

  12. I will! I never thought I'd get to see her in concert without going abroad so I'm really looking forward to it.

    Has anyone seen her film Toomorrow? It finally came out officially on DVD this year. It's so bad it's good and she's so cute in it. Even if her acting isn't great. I think I read her saying that she watched it again and cringed as she seemed to be shouting her lines throughout the film, ha ha! And then of course we have Xanadu…
  13. It's a lot saucier than I expected it to be - it's got that late 60s screwball sex comedy feel in parts, when it's not concerned with being a musical sci fi film! I couldn't get over how young she looked. I'm glad it finally received a release, and the timing would suggest that Don Kirschner was the one who was stopping it from happening (he famously said the film would never be re-released 'in my lifetime' and he died in 2011). I hope the soundtrack receives a CD release at some stage. The music is the best part about the film and even the non-soundtrack single 'I Could Never Live Without Your Love' is worthwhile hearing.

  14. I've just got tickets too! So excited as I also never thought I'd get to see her live here!
  15. If anyone is interested, Amazon Germany has the ONJ Japanese box set in stock again. It's going for around 300 euros, which seems like a bargain when compared to other sites.
  16. I've got tickets for the stalls at the Glasgow show. I'm so excited, I have been listening to The Rumour album non-stop the past week - the title track is so underrated (like most of her work).

    My Christmas album also arrived. It's soooo trashy - especially the new original track, I Think You Might Like It. I think this is the definitive camp Christmas album.
  17. There are definitely some overtly camp moments - like the spoken word parts of 'Baby It's Cold Outside'! The arrangements are all very tasteful though and that lounge/jazz sound is quintessentially Christmas to me. 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' is worth the price of the disc alone to hear Barbra Streisand sing with Olivia after all these years and 'Winter Wonderland' with Tony Bennett completes the vintage variety TV special feel. John's voice is hit and miss, but Olivia is perfection as usual. She gives particularly lovely readings of 'Silent Night', 'White Christmas' and 'Have Yourself A Merry Christmas'. My favourite song is definitely 'This Christmas' though; an underrated Christmas tune that doesn't get covered nearly enough, and a spirited delivery from both Olivia and John.

    It's easily my pick of the three Christmas albums Olivia has released. There's a video for 'I Think You Might Like It' coming soon too.

  18. Olivia tomorrow!
  19. Have an amazing time, lisaj! She's pulled out some interesting setlist inclusions for the UK, so you'll be treated to some rarities!

    Here's the Jonathan Ross interview.

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  20. Does anyone know what the setlist is?
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