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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. That sounds terrible. I remember the Karen Carpenter Story. Cynthia Gibb (from Fame the TV series) played Karen. It was, indeed, awful. Richard Carpenter was one of the producers so everything was sanitized.
    I think Olivia's story would be quite interesting for a film – becoming a country star in the US, the transition to pop, having a smash film and then a huge flop, the struggles with bankruptcy and cancer, her marriage, etc.
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  2. Olivia's story is a good one. Perhaps the most astounding thing of all is the fact she cracked America in the 70s and had hits there for over 12 years. None of her UK female contemporaries broke the States at that time. Some may have had the odd hit, but not a career like she did.

    As for the film, I don't know why Olivia is *allegedly* upset. Whether she doesn't like the production. Or perhaps they're covering aspects of her life she didn't want them to. Maybe she just didn't want a film making of her life. Who can say?

    I will say I'm surprised at Delta Goodrem taking on the role. I know she's an established star in Australia so I'm not sure why she thought she'd be a good choice. It's like Olivia playing the lead in the Dolly Parton story. You wouldn't believe it from the start. For all the similarities between Olivia and Delta they might as well have gotten Dame Edna to do it!

    I wonder how they'll get around the music. Will Delta mime to Olivia's voice as poor Cynthia Gibb tried to in the Karen film? Or will Delta sing the songs herself? Most probably the latter as I doubt, given her dislike of the project, Olivia would give permission for her voice to be used.

    Either way, I can't wait! If it's anything less than hilarious and ghastly I'll be amazed.
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  3. On BBC Radio 2 this Monday at 10pm....

    Olivia Newton-John:In Her Own Words (episode 1 of 2)


    Episode 2 is on the following Monday (22nd May) at the same time.
  4. I hope Olivia gets well following the problems with her sciatica. I've been a fan since the early 1980s,when I was a young lad. I actually got to interview her for a show she did in a neighboring area. I did a trilogy of articles, which was a treat. The first one is pretty lengthy, as it looks at her impact and such; the second is more about her film/soundtrack success, while the third is a review of the show (we got to meet her briefly after the show, as well- such a nice woman). If anyone takes the time to check them out, I hope you enjoy them.



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  5. I enjoyed the Radio 2 programme. I liked how it was just Olivia and people she'd worked with that we heard from, no celebrity fans or anything. I'd never heard her talk about her UK years before. I'm not a fan of Cliff Richard but I love it that he and Olivia have been such close friends for so long.

    Looking forward to the second part. I'm guessing Two of A Kind won't get a mention. Rubbish film but four great songs by her from it, and again, I love the fact that her friendship with John Travolta has endured.
  6. I watched Toomorrow the other night. Er, yeah. Weird.
  7. What's the quality of it like? I read somewhere that the original film has been lost and what's on the DVD is a third-rate VHS transfer or something.

    I've always thought, in a nice way, that Olivia has this other-worldly quality. Her films support this in that they all have that fantasy element (even Grease, thanks to the car-flying scene at the end).
  8. The DVD is terrible quality. I bought it when it first came out and wondered why it was so cheap. Then I realised! The picture is bad and repeatedly breaks up to the point where I thought I had a defective disc. Scouring the forums I discovered they were all the same.

    The soundtrack album was released on CD about 3 years ago. This is far better quality, though I suppose the sound is a little 'thin'. Olivia can be heard on most of the songs and has a couple where she has the lead vocal. The album isn't very good and it isn't hard to see why it flopped, but it's fun in a nostalgic way.
  9. Apparently it was expensive to make. You'd never think it. Olivia wears the same outfit for practically the entire movie.
  10. I didn't listen to the radio show in full as I've heard her tell those stories over and over again. I doubt Two Of A Kind will get much more than a brief mention in part two as Olivia famously doesn't like talking about bad things that she can't spin into something positive.
  11. I don't think there was anything recorded especially for the Radio Two programmes, @Tommy Johnson, I think even the new-ish interview with Olivia in it is actually from when she toured the UK in 2013. She mentions half the songs in the show are by John Farrer, so I took that as referring to the UK 2013 shows. I could be wrong though.
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  12. You're probably right. Though I assumed Olivia would be interviewed when she did the Liv On shows earlier this year.
  13. She could spin something positive out of Two of a Kind, though, as Alan said- the music. :-) (the emoticons are not working for me on this end hehe)

    When I interviewed her, she cited "Shaking You" as one of her favorite videos, too, and mentioned "Desperate Times," as well. The latter is one of my favorites and asked if she would do part of it in her show. She said she wouldn't pull a surprise like that on the band lol And I wasn't sure if she had performed it for a promo appearance or anything back in the day, but she clarified that she has never performed it live. She sticks to the biggest hits, for the most part, in her shows, but I'd love to see her dust it off.
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  14. Shakin' You did have a great video. Olivia did her best acting when there was no dialogue involved! I can understand her not singing (Livin' In) Desperate Times... It wasn't a big hit and she probably thinks no one remembers it. Of course, all her fans would. It's quite a powerful song too and she might struggle to do it justice now. That could be another reason.
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  15. Could be- it's a very fast-paced track, too, even more so than "Twist of Fate."
  16. She's completely believable in that video. She is that character.

    And that doll being hung by its hair on the washing line adds a nice bit of humour!
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  17. Wasn't her lover in the video played by her hairdresser? I think he later died of Aids.
  18. Not sure. Very sad to hear, if that's the case.

    I always thought he looked a bit like [British actor of 80s sitcom Duty Free fame] Keith Barron.

  19. Such a cool 90's house mix of already my favourite ONJ song.
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