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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Livin' In Desperate Times is indeed great, I only got it on Olivia's Gold album this year. If you like that you should really check out Twist of Fate, which is not only Olivia's best song but one of the best pop songs ever.
  2. Oh yes, isn't that the duet she did with John Travolta for the film of the same name? And correct me if I am wrong her last big hit? I have vaguely heard of the song again via that Sky Arts interview but haven't had a proper listen as such. Will check it out, thanks for the heads up!
  3. Take A Chance was the Olivia and John duet, there's so much soft focus in the video, it's like they filmed in a fog.

    I love the 12" mix of Livin' In Desperate Times. It's a shame Two of a Kind was so bad, it upsets me!
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  4. Ah right I see, silly me! I haven't seen the film so.Can't really comment but from what I gather it's not Grease! Not that I am overly keen on that, but hey that's another story!
  5. It's a while ago now, so you may have already tried it, but Soul Kiss from 1985 is her closest album in style to Physical. It's not as good, but her vocals are fantastic and she really pushes herself here.

    Apologies if this has been answered. I'm new here.
  6. Avold Two Of A Kind. It's like Grease with all the fun erased.
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  7. Don't know why this is so hazy.

    They clearly spent the majority of the budget on the fog.
  8. Surely there must be some ONJ fans on here?

    You can't all be too young to remember her..
  9. I saw her perform live for the first time this year, she was great!
    Xanadu live really is amazing!
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  10. Glad you got to see her!

    One of the (many) things she's never been given credit for is how good a live act she is. She knows how to work a crowd.
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  12. The first Olivia song I remember listening. (First Olivia video I remember watching as well)

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  13. That song was really the start of the end for her in the States. The title track of her first album in four years. Both the single and album underperformed. Soul Kiss is allegedly about oral sex!
  14. I was thinking the same ha ha!! Good idea.
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  15. This is another ONJ hit from 1982. Catchy song. Don't ask me what she was doing in the video... I think she must have been on drugs!
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  16. Rocky song from The Rumour album. The song is about AIDS, as if you can't tell.
  17. I really must listen to some of your recommendations @Tommy Johnson! I love Olivia but only have the Gold compilation, the Soul Kiss album and the Grease and Xanadu soundtracks. It's good to have someone here who is more of an expert!

    What do you think of the new remix of Magic (re-titled You Have To Believe) featuring her daughter Chloe? Personally I love it!

    I believe it was a big hit on the Billboard dance chart and it's just good to have her back! Such an underrated vocalist and pop star.
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  18. I hate that duet with Chloe! I'm trying to put it out of my mind. I'd have been happier if they'd have done a proper remix of 'Magic' (my favourite ONJ song) rather than having to listen to Chloe grunting along!

    I'd be happy to help you with your Olivia quest. For now, you should know that her very best albums are 'Totally Hot' and 'Physical'. The 'Gold' comp is great. It's actually a great place to start with her. If you like the earlier hits, I can recommend some good albums to represent them.
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  19. I think a lot of long term Olivia fans hate that remix!

    I am more into 80s pop Olivia - my favourites are Twist of Fate and Livin' In Desperate Times. I was gutted to discover there is nothing else really like them! Twist of Fate has to be one of the best songs ever, especially the 12" version. I also love Toughen Up from Soul Kiss. So any more 80s recommendations would be very welcome!
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  20. It's rather a shame you prefer 80s Olivia as that's when she seemed to lose her way a bit!

    I'll go through her output in the decade for you;

    Xanadu- This you already know.

    Physical- The best pop LP she ever made. Stranger's Touch, Landslide, Silvery Rain, Love Make Me Strong. All gems.

    Heart Attack and Tied Up were 2 new songs she added to a US greatest hits in 1982. They're on Gold so I'm assuming you're familiar with them.

    Two Of A Kind Soundtrack. Home to TOF and LIDT! You're right, there's nothing else like these in her catalogue. Unfortunately! The other 2 songs Olivia does on the album are Shakin' You, a nice, snoozesome ballad with a pretty video and Take A Chance, a duet with John Travolta. It's a sweet song, but I doubt it will rock your world. It didn't rock mine!

    Soul Kiss- Her 1985 comeback album. Originally designed to be a video album, but this was scrapped when Olivia fell pregnant during the making of the record. She did make 5 pregnancy-friendly vids. Mostly of her sitting on a stool in ugly 80s fashions. The Toughen Up one is best as it's a concept video. The album is pretty sexual (for Olivia) and many fans hated it. For me it was a standout record for her.

    The Rumour- 1988 comeback (again) album. Actually a decent pop album with strong production and Olivia really pushing herself vocally. The title track was one of her best pop songs of the 80s.

    Warm And Tender- Gruesome children's album with Olivia simpering through things like When You Wish Upon A Star, You'll Never Walk Alone and Over The Rainbow against a heavy, soul-crushing orchestral backing. Please avoid this!
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