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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I stopped after 1988, I’m afraid, although I did think The Rumour album was very good. I’ve got everything of hers 1971-1988 (plus the two songs from 1966) but only four tracks after 1988 (Reach Out For Me, I Need Love, Deeper Than A River and the re-recording of I Honestly Love You).

    I should probably check out more post-1988 stuff!

    In the UK, it was quite difficult to get hold of her older albums in the 1980s. There were plenty of cheap compilations of tracks from her first few albums available, but it’s only in more recent years that I’ve heard them all. It was quite frustrating as you could buy most acts’ back catalogues quite easily, but not Olivia’s.
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  2. Olivia in the 70s was the Shania/Taylor of her day, the country-pop crossover supreme. We then have Grease and 80s pop Olivia being big. I was able to get into Olivia's older stuff through my local record store (they had "If you love me, let me know" on vinyl for 50p....good times) and then I found the EMI masters series which had 2 CDs of classic country, so I got 40 of her best country hits in one compilation.

    I didn't get into the 80s stuff for a bit until I found a copy of "Soul Kiss" in a second hand music store. I have to say, I personally don't like "Culture Shock" so overall found the album hit and miss.

    As for the overall availability of her stuff - it's surprising what you could and couldn't get. The digital age means I managed to hear the Xanadu soundtrack at last, because ELO fans have jacked up the price of that on vinyl something silly.
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  3. Still hoping that at long last Olivia's discography gets the digital treatment very soon!
  4. Every time I see this thread active I think her music has finally gone onto digital/streaming platforms. One day hopefully, seems so silly though, they must be losing millions in revenue.
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  5. Exactly, madness in today's age! Now where is that pre order link for Physical....
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  6. Has there been any update on this? Amazon US removed their link. I couldn’t find it anywhere else. Slight panic setting in.
  7. The official announcement is coming in a couple of days - no panic needed, it's all still happening!

  8. Phew, good to know thanks-was beginning to think this had been dropped!
  9. Finally! This is the CD track list for the Physical deluxe edition. As previously mentioned, there’s also a DVD included.
  10. Woah. That’s one awesome tracklist!
  11. Okaayyyyy, come on with the Two of a Kind tracks included! Yes, I love it!

    Sad that “Heart Attack” doesn’t have an unearthed extended mix or alternative version. One of my favorites.
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  12. It’s a great reissue. They’ve played fast and loose with the timeline a bit as Face To Face is from 1984! Still, coupled with the DVD, this will be the best Olivia product in years. Not that there’s been much competition!
  13. Ooh love that they gathered the soundtrack songs!
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  14. It truly is a fantastic set! I am guessing the single remix of “Livin’ in Desperate Times” being released in 1984 made “Face to Face” fair game, heh.

    I wonder if this means that if we get a Totally Hot reissue it will include Xanadu goods.
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  15. True. Would have been a struggle putting a deluxe edition of the Two Of A Kind soundtrack together!
  16. Xanadu is a complicated one. I’d imagine there’d be a proper deluxe edition of that one day..

    But we might get the 2 UNICEF concert songs on the Totally Hot deluxe! Plus, we should get a good DVD as there’s the videos plus she did a world tour to support the album..
  17. That would be more than welcome since there’s a few songs not on the original soundtrack release.
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  18. SOLD.
  19. There’s been rumours of one for years, but as the album was issued on 2 record labels, it slows things down.
  20. The Two of a Kind singles make this a must have for me! Twist of Fate is not only Dame Olivia's best single, it's one of the best singles of the 80s period. Three remixes of it too!
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