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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Agree!
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  2. “Fool Country” was included on Olivia Newton-John Gold (part of Universal’s generic Gold series, but nevertheless probably the best ONJ compilation in existence). There’s just “You Made Me Love You” that’s never had a CD release (along with ELO’s “Drum Dreams”).

    But yes, good tracklisting for Physical. I’m glad they included the Two of a Kind stuff as not sure it would have fitted in with Soul Kiss. Nice to see the live version of Jolene included, as it was the b-side of Twist of Fate.
  3. Looking forward to this even more so now, really pleased with the track listing.
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  4. And don’t forget there’s a DVD too!
  5. Oh yes of course, even better!
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  6. And that should have all 13 tracks from the video album, plus the two 1982 videos and the four from Two of a Kind. Plus hopefully all her links from Let’s Get Physical, and Rolling. And then there’s the Utah show hopefully, and perhaps even the Two of a Kind interview with John and Olivia.
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  7. It’s only one DVD. I doubt they could fit all that on!

    The official press release is tomorrow so we’ll know for sure then, but as far as I know the DVD contains the Physical video album and the 1982 Utah concert.
  8. By the way, U.K. streamers will be thrilled to hear that a remastered version of Olivia’s 1994 Gaia album was released today. It includes this Gloria Estefan inspired bop which is really quite good!

  9. Hopefully this is a sign of more streaming uploads to come.
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  10. Hopefully so, because about 90% of her catalogue is missing!
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  11. Long overdue!
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  12. Well, a DVD can hold about three hours can’t it? But yes, the emphasis is always on the audio with these things and the DVD is just a bonus. Thing is though, they’ve set their stall out by including the Two of a Kind stuff on the CD. It would seem a shame not to follow it through on the DVD.

    As the videos were all on Video Gold, I’d personally prefer they included the Let’s Get Physical TV special (with her links etc) and the half-hour Two of a Kind programme with the interview with her and John Travolta, the four videos and clips from the film (they’d probably have to edit those out though).

    If Tied Up, Heart Attack and the Two of a Kind videos aren’t on the DVD, at least we’ve still got Video Gold I suppose. I remember being in disbelief when I first saw that DVD in HMV - all those videos finally available!
  13. I'm most excited about finally getting the exceptional 12" mixes of the 'Two Of A Kind' singles on CD/digital - a long time coming! It was a nice surprise to have the 'Two Of A Kind' material included, and certainly makes for an exhaustive collection of Olivia's halcyon period in the early 80s.

    The 'Physical' tour finally getting a full DVD release is an absolute treat too - proof that Olivia's talent and appeal at the time went way beyond just making nice pop songs.

  14. It's just baffling one of the most iconic albums of the 80s, has been out of print for so long now! Thankfully that will be rectified. And in style too.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Looks great. Hope the pre-order link comes today, I've been checking for weeks!
  17. Yay, fold-out digipaks...
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  18. Your favourite!
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  19. I still have nightmares about Bella Donna!

    Hopefully this one will be better put together, though it’s worrying that the copy in the photo looks a bit lopsided!
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  20. Yay, at last!!! Nice to see too it looks like should be on digital as well, just played the 2021 remaster of the title track through Amazon Music and was most pleased!
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