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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. If anyone’s after a vinyl copy, bear it mind it’s not released until May 2022!

    The CD/DVD is out 22nd October.
  2. I want both! Guess the ongoing delays for vinyl, is what is causing the delay. My bank balance is glad of that though, must say!
  3. Indeed yes, Herb Ritts. Produced many an iconic Diva image, including ones for Tina Turner too.
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  4. Apparently there are now 4 vinyl variants!
  5. Really?? Wow, where?
  6. There’s a video on YouTube that shows it.
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  7. I see, did see that video earlier, but for some reason couldn't play it. Will try again!
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  8. That pale blue from the screenshot, already looks stunning.
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  9. Do you know what the difference is between the “Soundtrack version” of Livin’ in Desperate Times and the “Alternate soundtrack version”? I think the version on both the Two of a Kind soundtrack CD and Olivia Newton-John Gold is an edit. Hopefully at least one of the versions on this deluxe is the correct one.
  10. The LP version has never been released on CD. The one that has features some clumsy edits to my ears. Hopefully the LP version is included on the deluxe!
  11. They certainly seem to have put the effort into this set. Could well rival Foreign Affair as my favourite re issue of the year...
  12. Easily! The DVD content on Physical is great too.
  13. I’ve finally found Olivia’s links from the Let’s Get Physical TV special:


    The 80s:




    Tennis Dream:
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  14. I hope all this makes the DVD too!
  15. This is the original version of “BOPpin’ in Desperate Times” right?

    and this is the re-mix?
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  16. The Physical reissue really does look great.

    For whatever reason, I didn't expect the Two of a Kind songs would be included, maybe because they were released about two years later. But it makes sense since Physical really didn't have any extended mixes for its time. Plus, it's doubtful that Two of a Kind will get an expanded reissue, so this is the perfect opportunity to at least give the reissue treatment to the Olivia songs.
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