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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve checked Amazon (UK) for the Physical deluxe but it’s still not there. They should definitely have it at some point, shouldn’t they? Just that I’ve never heard of Green Hill Productions or Primary Wave, I’m assuming they’re American companies similar to the UK’s Cherry Red or Demon Music Group?
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  2. I keep checking for it too and it still says unavailable. They have the MP3/streaming version, so assume they will get it at some point.
  3. It’s a cock up.

    On Friday when the deluxe was announced, there was a link on Olivia’s Instagram and official website for you to order it from Amazon U.K. When you tried, it took you to a-ha’s Hunting High & Low instead! People complained about this, and they said they were sorting it. Later on that day, they ‘repaired’ the link only for it to take you to an album called Physical Law. Obviously nothing to do with Olivia. We complained again, and they said they were looking into it. This was on Friday night!

    I’m sure it will get corrected, but it’s a fucking hopeless start, isn’t it?
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  4. Sheena Easton's The Definitive Singles Collection, was also wrongly linked to another album for what felt like an age too!
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  5. You can get Physical from Amazon US, but they charge a lot for shipping, and even then you risk import tax shenanigans…
  6. Yes, think I'll hold off until they fix it.
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  7. Same here.
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  8. Blimey! I have just seen the released date for the vinyl on amazon.com, May 2022.

    Amazon.de now has a link for the CD/DVD set. Looks like it is going to be released through Caroline (Universal Music) in Europe.

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  9. Hopefully soon at last Amazon UK will follow suit!! STILL no sign as of yet...
  10. It’s on Amazon U.K. You just can’t order it. Says ‘temporarily out of stock’. Which makes no sense.
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  11. Oh I know that, just meant that they will sort out the order link already! And indeed, it doesn't!!
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  12. Oh, but won’t it be great when we do get it?!

    Have you ever watched the video album or concert that will be on the DVD?
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  13. It will be indeed, this will be the re issue of the year!

    I haven't no, with either. Glad in a way, it will all be new to me.
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  14. I still can’t see it on mine, all I can see is the mp3 downloads. However, I’ve seen the temporarily out-of-stock thing before on new issues and it always resolves itself.
  15. Trying typing in Physical 40th. It might come up then.
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  16. Thanks, @Tommy Johnson, I never thought of that! That’s worked.
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  17. But of course you still can’t pre-order it!

    Some fans have mistakenly ordered the MP3 version, thinking that it was the CD/DVD package. I bet they thought they were getting a great deal.. 2 CDs and a DVD for £12.99!
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  18. Oh dear, they are in for a shock then!
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  19. I spoke to someone on Amazon UK customer service last night, about when the Physical CD/DVD pre order link will be up and running. Very nice member of the team, but all I got was what it says on the website "out of stock, hopefully more in soon". Sort it out already!!
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  20. Vinny Vero says it will be sorted ‘soon’.

    It’s crazy that the album is out 3 weeks today and we still can’t fucking order it!
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