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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Exactly!! Ridiculous.
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  2. I mean, surely this will have an impact on U.K. pre-order sales? These days releases are usually listed for pre-order months before.. Just look at the new Diana Ross album!
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  3. I know, it's baffling in this day and age. Is it due to Amazon UK or the re issue of the album themselves??
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  4. It’s not Amazon’s fault as other stores like HMV don’t have it either! Some sort of problem with the links, I think.
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  5. I see, was wondering!
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  6. Vinny has provided the link (its the Physical 40th one we’ve all seen), but said it’s not activated yet. No shit!
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  7. Get on with it already!
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  8. I know it’s not the case with this one, but in the past I’ve often wondered if Amazon do this deliberately to make people think it’s that limited that it’s sold out already. I’ve seen people react to it in that way before on blogs like SuperDeluxeEditon. Then when it does miraculously come back in stock, people rush to pre-order in case they run out.

    Still three weeks though, so plenty of time.
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  9. @Tommy Johnson used the F-word. He *must* be angry!
  10. I’m more bored by it than anything!

    But you’d think with just 3 weeks to go they’d get it sorted…
  11. Anyway, he’s a period picture of Olivia to tide us all over!
  12. That word "soon", really is the worst.
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  13. Thought I’d drop in with the latest news on the Physical deluxe.

    But there isn’t really any!

    It appears to be a huge mess and still isn’t available in most territories. Vinny took to his Facebook to basically blame Amazon U.K. and the shortage of U.K. lorry drivers to deliver the product! As I helpfully pointed out, the Physical deluxe isn’t up for pre-order in many countries so I don’t know how this is Amazon U.K.’s fault! Similarly, the ‘shortage of lorry drivers’ hasn’t stopped every other new/reissued album being up for pre-order at this time!

    Vinny and another guy who’s worked on the project even suggested we order from WOWHD as Amazon are ‘having major problems with this”. Just be aware that if you do order from WOWHD, although they have a U.K. address (presumably for tax reasons), all their goods actually ship from the States, so expect a delay if you do go with them.

    My personal theory is that Olivia’s record company are a small affair and have got this round their necks. They’ve hurried it through and now are struggling to meet demand. I honestly think that although this reissue was supposed to have a ‘worldwide release on 22/10’ this will probably not be the case at all!

    In fact it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if that date gets pushed back ‘worldwide’ at the last minute.

    Sorry I don’t have better news to offer, but I think it’s quite obvious this was going to go tits up!
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  14. Thanks Tommy for the update. I used to order from Wow a lot, but they never delivered my last order despite taking my money (it wasn’t a new release so I only lost about £5). I contacted them several times and they never got back to me, so consequently I’ve never ordered from them since (this was about five years ago). I’m a bit wary of using them again.
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  15. They’re probably OK, but I’m not ordering from them.

    I have tentatively ordered from Amazon US, but I might cancel that over the next couple of weeks..
  16. I´ll probably order from Amazon Germany. They have had the pre-order up for a while now.
  17. I wish you well, but I’m wondering if all copies of this will come from America.. At least for now..

    I’ve never known an instance where a new album isn’t up for pre-order 2 weeks before it’s due out!
  18. Is it actually her company that’s doing it then? I assumed the two companies mentioned were US reissue specialists that I’d never heard of. Either way, I can’t imagine them being available on websites outside the US until the distribution issues are fixed.
  19. I have actually had this happening a lot lately, at least with Amazon. For example, I have been trying to order Now 1984 Yearbook Deluxe CD, which comes out at the end of the month. Only listed as far as I can see on Amazon UK (temporarily out of stock, of course!) and it´s out in three weeks. The previous 1983 Yearbook was easily available to pre-order on all Amazon sites.

    I just did yet another check on upcoming Lady Gaga releases on Amazon. The remix album Dawn Of Chromatica on CD (released in just over a month) and LP can be found on Amazon DE but not UK. Neither version can be preordered in Germany, just out of stock. However, both versions can be pre-ordered on the US Amazon site.

    Same with the vinyl version of the Born This Way anniversary, which comes out before the end of the year. No listing in the UK, unavailable to order in DE but can be pre-ordered on Amazon US.

    So I keep running into this when I try to pre-order various things, whether they are out in a few weeks or a few months. It´s getting very frustrating to have to check many, many times to see if the links have finally gone live so I can place my orders.

    Edit: and just now I wanted to order a re-issue of a 90s RuPaul album on vinyl. I saw the listing avilable to pre-order on Amazon US but I want to order from UK/Europe if possible. I checked the UK Amazon and low and behold: currently unavailable.
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  20. Green Hill is the record company. They’re a part of the Primary Wave group who are putting these reissues together.
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