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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I’ve not come across this myself, so perhaps I’m being too hard on Olivia’s record company is this is becoming a regular thing with other releases!
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  2. I really think it has, considering how difficult I have found it to pre-order things lately. A lot of what comes online (especially on Amazon UK) can not be pre-ordered at the same time as the listing goes up.

    Yet another example: the 30th anniversary edition of Roxette´s Joyride album is now on Amazon UK, but neither the CD or LP can actually be ordered. Amazon often doesn´t even bother with showing release dates anymore (or track lists) so I don´t even know when this is coming out, but it´s this year.

    I was surprised to actually be able to pre-order right away from them two different CD editions of the upcoming reissue of Disco by Kylie Minogue. But of course the vinyl could not be ordered at the same time and it can still not be ordered.

    So my experience in the last couple of months mirrors the Olivia situation. I honestly don´t expect to be able to pre-order things anymore until at the last minute.
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  3. Thanks for this.

    And thanks also for mentioning the Joyride 30th anniversary edition. I didn’t know about that!
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  4. I agree Amazon UK have been a nightmare lately with their pre-orders, even if they are available they are hidden away when you try and search for them or link to the wrong album etc

    Here is the link for the NOW 1984 Yearbook deluxe CD which seems to let you pre-order

    I was able to pre-order the Joyride 30th reissue CD this morning and now that link is showing as the dreaded "out of stock"...

    Hope you are able to grab the 1984 Yearbook anyway!
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  5. Thanks so much for this, but the 1984 Yearbook (following your link) shows temporarily out of stock. I thought this might be a geo thing (I´m not in the UK) but I just tried signing out of my account and using a VPN (connecting via Ireland) and it still does not work.
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  6. Weird, it is showing as available where I am. Roxette was this morning, I managed to pre-order and was going to send you the link to that too but now it's only vinyl available, not the CD.

    Amazon used to be so reliable but now they really are a shambles when it comes to music. I hate how most compilations won't even have a tracklisting at all anymore and its up to the customers to provide this in the feedback.
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  7. I can´t even order the Joyride vinyl, shows as out of stock. I have no idea what is happening anymore with Amazon. But thank you again for sending me the link to the Yearbook, I appreciate it!

    Yes, the tracklisting thing is very annoying, especially when you can´t be 100% sure that Amazon is linking to the actual edition you are trying to buy. And sometimes they don´t even include release dates (except for the year), which is very annoying when you are trying to pre-order something.
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  8. You're welcome.

    It's not just Amazon, HMV have sent me a dispatch email today for what was supposed to be Essential T'Pau, except they are sending me randomly something called Decades: Back To The 2000s which I 100% did not order... It's only £5.99 and there are a few songs I like on it, but it's the principle of the thing.
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  9. Something's definitely gone Pete Tong - in the last week I've had all sorts of crazy random nonsense with my various orders, and via all sorts of delivery modes. Wrong stuff, fake stuff, stuff I didn't ask for, stuff saying delivered that wasn't, refunds for stuff I never ordered/returned etc. Never known anything like it!
  10. This is quite worrying! Was that from Amazon or HMV?

    I have never been sent a CD I have never even heard of before, let alone didn't order!
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  11. Amazon, then other stuff from eBay....regular mega sellers too...and Royal Mail is behaving oddly (not the postman, the service!).
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  12. VERY odd times at the moment! In regards to the Olivia re issue, guess we really will (still) have to wait and see!
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  13. Living In Very Odd Times.
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  14. Don't know if this may help some of you, but Amazon IT link preorder is working and it's 3% cheaper today than yesterday.

    Even cheaper at Amazon Germany

    Amazon UK is selling only the digital version at the moment.
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  15. https://theseconddisc.com/2021/10/06/let-me-hear-your-body-talk-olivia-newton-johns-physical-goes-deluxe-for-its-40th-anniversary

    Seems the Target edition is the most unique of the Vinyl editions.
  16. FINALLY on Amazon UK!
  17. I’ve been looking about 50 times a day for weeks!

    Thanks for this. I’ve ordered it.

    Supposedly arriving on 26/10. A trend Amazon have started recently. They’re obviously trying to do away with day-of-release Prime delivery..
  18. [​IMG]

    Ordered! I can stop checking 20 times a day now.
  19. That's ok, just glad it's on there at long last!!! Talk about a wait...
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