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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I hope it does come out on 22/10..

    I want to get Physical out of the way so I can concentrate on the new ABBA album 2 weeks later!
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  2. SO much stuff coming out soon! Olivia, ABBA, Spice Girls, Debbie Gibson, Donna Summer, Diana Ross and of course, Kylie for me!
  3. I’m only having Olivia, ABBA and Diana of those. Thought about the Disco deluxe briefly, but there’s not enough genuine new tracks on it for me.

    And I happen to think my original Disco media book edition is perfect as it is!
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  4. Fair enough, Kylie is my Olivia so of course, needed it again!
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  5. Oh totally. The new Disco is a huge package.

    I way just saying the other day that all my favourite Kylie albums have been from the last 20 years. And Disco is one of the very best.
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  6. Debbie twice ! One in October, one in November !
  7. You have to admire how hard they’re trying to keep physical media alive!
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  8. Certainly is.
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  9. Indeed, really can't beat it.
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  10. For me in the next few weeks it´s definitely Diana, Abba, Kylie, Olivia, Roxette, Duran Duran, Lana Del Rey and maybe Donna (although I already have the Encore box, so maybe I´ll pass).
  11. It's gonna be like The Flinstones...we'll have a gay old time!
  12. I'm def helping them to keep doing !
  13. Same! I count 24 formats I have pre-ordered already by the seven artists mentioned above. Most of them are Diana, Kylie, Abba and Lana.
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  14. Ordered as well! And the full tracklisting of the DVD is on Amazon too.
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  15. I can't decide if I want to pre-order this on Amazon, or wait until release date to get it from a physical store (like HMV). On the one hand I'd like to support high street stores, but on the other hand I'm worried it might get sold out quickly.
  16. As I write, it’s not showing on HMV at all.

    Of course, this may change at some point soon.
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  17. If you want this I'd suggest pre-ordering. Given how long we've been waiting for the link to work and the distribution problems at the moment I wouldn't hang around. I would imagine this will sell out pretty fast.
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  18. ABBA, Dead or Alive, Kylie, ONJ and The Communards = a magical end to the year.
  19. Thanks, just pre-ordered it. The commenters on SDE seem enthusiastic about it as well, so it does seem that it will be a popular product.
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