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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. From the SDE comments, Vinny Vero was asked about the lack of the Heart Attack/Tied Up/Two of a Kind videos on this set and he said there wasn't enough room to include them but they will "probably" turn up on the Soul Kiss reissue. I do hope so, Twist of Fate is both my favourite Dame Olivia song and video.
  2. Yes, dear. That was my comment!

    Vinny was quite chatty on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, so I made sure I got a few questions in!
  3. I should have guessed that was you!

    Good to hear we should be getting her other 80s videos included on the Soul Kiss reissue.
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  4. I’m hoping he didn’t say that just to shut me up!

    It’s a shame the TOAK videos aren’t featured. The Heart Attack/Tied Up ones too.
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  5. I suppose there is so much video content on the Physical reissue between the video album and the concert there really might not have been enough space for them. The Soul Kiss reissue should have more room.
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  6. I did have to restrain myself when Vinny said there was no room from saying that if they’d have used a Blu Ray, there would have been!
  7. Not sure I’d rely on HMV even stocking it in-store. These days their emphasis appears to be vinyl, T-shirts and other such products. Plus I’d say this release has a fairly niche market (it didn’t make the albums top 10 on its original 1981 UK release, though did go gold).

    I could be wrong though, and perhaps they might have it.
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  8. I’d definitely phone and check they had it first.
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  9. Not sure I buy the “no room” excuse they’re giving. DVDs can hold at least three hours can’t they (I’m basing that on sitcoms where a whole series of six episodes fits onto one disc)? The video album is 54 minutes long and the concert 78 minutes. There is roughly 45 minutes of free space.
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  10. I think they held the other videos back to pad out a forthcoming deluxe edition really.
  11. Yes, someone was saying in the comments on the Super Deluxe Edition website or Facebook page that the other six videos might be on the Soul Kiss release. That would make some sense, the five Soul Kiss videos plus the missing six from this.

    Super Deluxe Edition were trying to say that the video album has never been released on DVD before. I pointed out Video Gold (apart from Rolling) and someone piped up about the video album having the videos running into each other or something, whereas on Video Gold there are proper gaps? Seemed like splitting hairs to me!

    I have to say though, I am disappointed that this won’t include her links from the TV special. It’s a missed opportunity. The emphasis appears to be on the audio. That’s fair enough as nothing appears to have been missed out there. The DVD seems to be more an afterthought (and not as much thought as there could have been).

    I’d have had the TV special version on here instead, and added Falling, Love Make Me Strong and the other version of Silvery Rain at the end.

    Very few deluxe releases get it exactly right though, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain…
  12. @Tommy Johnson, just out of interest, guessing you had the EMI compilation “Olivia’s Greatest Hits” released instead of Vol 2 in the UK in 1982? As they crammed 20 tracks onto a vinyl album, ours had dreadful “print-through” as the grooves were so narrow. You could hear the start of a track before it actually began! Guessing they were all like that?
  13. Yes. Cramming that many songs on an LP isn’t going to do the sound quality any favours!

    I think EMI were trying to give us value for money, but I wish they’d kept the tracklist and gatefold sleeve the US got really…
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  14. Good to know thanks, am just glad to know a Soul Kiss re issue is planned. I love that album!!
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  16. Wait, what exactly is she wearing? I thought it was a tank top but it looks like… a dress? That was tucked into… granny panties shorts?
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