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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Is it this red thing she’s wearing in the opening segment of the Physical video album?

    Edit. No I don’t think it is.
  2. Love this! Hope the UK gets a Vinyl pre order link too, unless that won't be until shortly before it's out in Spring.
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  3. I was in HMV Bristol last week and I was pleasantly surprised that their music section upstairs is really good! Well-stocked, nicely displayed and it had a nice browsing environment. I bought the Shep Pettibone boxset which was prominently displayed in the New Releases section (though strangely not in the Dance section which was where I looked first). So there is hope for them yet! (Sadly their ground floor is full of useless tat - shame as that's what passersby look at first).

    I might also mention that a few years ago, Fopp in Covent Garden in London had sealed vinyl copies of Olivia's Soul Kiss for sale! I think they were the original issues from the 80s. They were displayed next to Donna Summer's The Wanderer vinyl, which also appears to be the 80s issue. Weird. I didn't get them at the time, but when I went back a few weeks later they'd disappeared.
  4. They’d be the originals as I don’t think either of those LPs were ever repressed!
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  5. I'd have snapped up a sealed Soul Kiss for the artwork alone!
  6. I used to live in Bristol, and found that yes the main city centre HMV, was a store of two halves shall we say! Gotten better with the re issue market though I would say.
  7. Well, you are only human.
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  8. It was a nice looking LP. Gatefold sleeve.
  9. I love Dame Olivia's enormous 80s weave!
  10. I am already wondering which album they will re issue next? Sadly, somehow I think Soul Kiss might well be long day the line. Would love to be proven wrong though.
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  11. I think it will be next. Hope so anyway, Toughen Up and Culture Shock are two of my Olivia favourites.
  12. Mine too! And as I say, would happily be proven wrong!
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  13. The next ‘obvious’ one would be Totally Hot.

    But they’re certainly planning reissues of the 80s albums. Soul Kiss, The Rumour (which actually has some bonus material as well as an hour long TV special) and even Warm & Tender!
  14. I'd happily snap Totally Hot up as well.
  15. What are the chances of getting the Xanadu soundtrack remastered and expanded as part of this campaign? Too difficult due to the involvement of ELO maybe? I would love it to get a shiny new remaster!
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  16. Yes, it’s a tricky one. It’s been put on a CD a few times. The last edition being in 1998. For some reason they’d don’t want to give us a special edition... Even though there are only 3 songs not already on the soundtrack album!
  17. I've got Fool Country on Olivia Gold, what are the other 2 songs not on it?
  18. I think Magic may well now be my favourite Olivia song.
  19. I liked her big 1983 Desperate Times hair.

  20. It’s one of her best. A slow burner that takes a few plays to grab you.
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