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Olivia Newton John

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I like to think Kylie's Magic was a tribute!
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  2. An Olivia ballad, You Made Me Love You.

    And an ELO track called Drum Dreams which is basically an instrumental.

    Neither are amazing, if I’m honest!
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  3. I love that song too!
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  4. Disco, is meant to be a homage to all various dance and disco music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s up until now I believe. Magic itself certainly does give me that early 80s vibe too it. Could see Olivia singing Kylie's Magic just as well back in the day, and vice versa for Kylie now.
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  5. Is You Made Me Love You in the film? I watch it annually and don't recognise it at all.
  6. Yes, it’s playing in the background when she goes to meet Gene Kelly at his house. Then it goes immediately into that 40s dance they do together.


    Drum Dreams is the bit when the nightclub opens and Gene is skating around and the crowd are all clapping and shouting “Xanadu!”.
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  7. Oh that, of course!

    I love the extended intro with the build-up to Xanadu so that must be Drum Dreams!
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  9. I would love that on CD! Brilliant piece of music.
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  10. Argh - I wished I bought it, I still think about it to this day. It was quite cheap too, I think it was around £5. I can't remember why I didn't buy it, maybe I couldn't be bothered to lug it around Soho or something.

    My fave store in Bristol used to be Rise, sadly it shut down. Shame that Fopp shut down too, I used to like it.

    Actually I found that the best place to get Olivia's old vinyl is Japan. Strangely I rarely come across them in the UK, yet the used stores in Tokyo seem to be full of them, all in great condition with the Obi strip and really cheap. The one for "Come On Over" especially seems to be everywhere.
  11. Come On Over, for some reason, was one of her biggest hits in Japan, which is probably why there are more copies around.

    Oddly, one of her biggest flops there was Totally Hot!
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  12. Is that so? That might explain why I have Never seen it there!
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  13. Yes, it’s strange. Olivia had a huge fan base, and TH came out just a few months after Grease! For some reason Japan didn’t like it. A Little More Love flopped too.

    The nicest vinyl version of Totally Hot is the French Sonopress edition. It’s the only edition to have a gatefold sleeve!
  14. When I look at the inner sleeve artwork of Totally Hot now, all I see is that she was practicing wearing face coverings over 41 years before everyone else was!
  15. Pioneering legend!
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  16. It’s a perfect song. My love for it was instant as a kid.
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  17. Magic, really is perfect.
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  18. She has a lot of them in her catalogue. Top of the list for me when it comes to songs where every single moment is perfection would be 'Magic', 'A Little More Love' and 'Twist Of Fate'. (I could add 10 others to the list without batting an eyelid too...)

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  19. I’m amazed Magic never got covered over the years. I mean, properly. Not that revamp that Chloe and Olivia did a few years ago! I bet Magic would still be a hit today.
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  20. 10 days to go until we get physical all over again!
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