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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Good looking guy in his day.

  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Have to say that having read the negative reviews of the Physical reissue both on here and on Amazon, I’m tempted to cancel while I still can. An Amazon review mentions that the quality of Video Gold (which I have) is much better. In terms of DVD content it’s only the concert I don’t have, and the reviews on the quality of that are not good.

    I’ve got the Festival remaster of Physical and I know they’re criticised, but so is the audio on this. It seems like it’s going to be a disappointment before I’ve even got it…
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  4. It’s one of those things where I can’t honestly recommend it in good faith. Yet I also can’t say it’s terrible and that you avoid it! Some of the issues I had aren’t shared by others and it’s fair to say there are more good reviews around than bad..
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  5. Still waiting for my copy, but the videos I have seen from the DVD look absolutely awful.

    I already have Video Gold though and I am really mostly after the actual album and bonus tracks. Amazon reviews are not great regarding the audio either, so it looks like the long awaited re-issue campaign is not off to a great start.

    I was really looking forward to this release but I have now sadly toned my expectations way, way down. I hope at the very least the CD´s will sound OK.
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  6. The audio faults appear to be centred on Landslide and Carried Away on the main album. The rest seems to be OK from what I’ve read. If I don’t cancel, I might not even bother playing the DVD. That makes it quite an expensive 2-CD set, with roughly half the audio already in my collection. Decisions, decisions…
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  7. The remaster isn’t brutal. It’s louder than the original CD, but not crushed like most new albums are. That said, it is more bass heavy and the gently lapping waves at the start of The Promise are much louder now and (for me) quite spoil the song.

    As for the audio flaws, there’s a noticeable dropout at the start of Landslide. At 0.24 you hear the high hat kick in, but it should have been there all along!

    I swear Carried Away is an alternative mix.. It sounds different to the original. I did ask Vinny “It’ll do” Vero about this and he told me I was “mistaken”. Well. I have only been listening to the song for 40 years!

    Other than that, some songs lose a few seconds at the end. I’ve noticed this before on remasters. God knows why it happens. For example, on Stranger’s Touch right at the very end of the fade, there’s one last breathy “ah-ah” from Olivia. On the remaster this vanishes with the early fade. I realise this isn’t something that will bother many people, but I did notice it immediately.

    The DVD is a let down. No doubt about it. I thought the PQ on the video album was generally acceptable but the audio is woefully low. On the concert, the PQ is worse. They’ve darkened the image considerably, possibly to hide artefacts, to the extent that on the already dark stage, you’ve all on to make out the band or back up singers at all. Nice close ups of Olivia occasionally, but neither program passes muster on the large LED/OLED screens we have now. There’s also video noise around the side and the top of the image on both programs that runs throughout and the concert goes slightly out of sync about half way through. On the plus side, the audio is a little better on the concert apart from a few dropouts on the first number.

    Aside from that, it’s alright!
  8. What a shame - I listened to it on streaming and considered getting the reissue, but now I think I'll stick to the old LP.
  9. As someone who's never owned Physical, still gonna stick with getting the reissue just in case it ever disappears of streaming.
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  10. Same here. I'm no expert on the mixes and will never use the DVD, so it's just nice to own the album remastered with the iconic Two of a Kind tracks.
  11. Love the addition of the Two Of A Kind material especially-even more so after seeing the film itself the other week!
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  12. Same. I think the audio sounds pretty good and up to par with music of today.
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  13. I cancelled my pre-order and spent about the exact same money on a nice copy of the Gold 2DVD set, and an MCA pressing of the Physical CD which sounds glorious to my ears. No booming bass, compression or glitches.

    The screeches on the DVD immediately made that a no-go for me. Deal-breaker.
  14. I hope the next re issue, won't come with so many glitches! I also wonder what it will be still. Gonna say Totally Hot.
  15. I'm a bit scared to put on the DVD with talk of these screeches! I've got Video Gold already but it will be good to have the concert on DVD (I have the VHS). The main draw for me are the extra tracks and mixes.
  16. There's certainly alot of audio content for you money I think.
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  17. I'm really here for the Two of a Kind songs and remixes so won't be cancelling my order. Anything else is a bonus.
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  18. I have no interest in the concert so can’t speak of its glitch but if you stop the DVD once the credits of the video album begin you should be safe.
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  19. The concert is excellent. You should give it a go.
  20. Wouldn’t the mute button work?
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