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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Should work, but it’s the end of the program so figured most people would rather just stop it entirely or go back to the main menu and select the concert.
    I shall, at a later time haha. My backlog for media is backed up!
  2. Shall happily watch both the concert and the Physical video album!
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  3. Got my despatch email from Amazon today… after my wobble earlier in the week, in the end I didn’t cancel. Knowing me, I’d have probably ended up wanting to re-order it at a later date when it was either at a higher price or no longer available.

    As I’m aware of what the flaws are in advance, I’m not going to be shocked or disappointed.
  4. Looking forward to this now, still nice to finally own this iconic album properly.
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  5. I’ll be interested to hear what you all think when you get it.

    There’s an unboxing video on YouTube, but it’s a bit crap so I won’t post it!
  6. My copy was hear waiting for me along with I'm A Rainbow, following my morning shift-looking forward to it!!
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  7. Mine arrived today. Impressed with the digipac presentation and the detail in the booklet - clearly well researched.

    Despite my reservations, I did watch a bit of the DVD (the video album). Picture and sound quality was actually OK, I don’t think any worse than on Video Gold. I know it’s the concert footage where quality goes downhill but not seen that yet.

    I like that they included UK release details in the booklet. I love it that Landslide did better here than in the US.

    It’s mentioned somewhere that some of the video album was filmed in the UK. Anyone know which bits? Makes sense, with Brian Grant being director.
  8. Certainly Stranger’s Touch was filmed here. There was an interview in Record Mirror and they were on the set of that video.
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  9. I'm quite happy with this re issue. Sounds quality is more than fine and the package itself, is nicely done. Think it will be hard to ever own this on CD again, so glad I purchased.
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  10. Amazon only have two left available - last time I looked, it was four. I wonder if they’ll get anymore? Glad I got it.
  11. HMV are stocking it. It was £29.99 in the store I went in the other day.
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  12. At least for once they are keeping it similar to the same price as elsewhere.
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  13. It’s still a bit expensive, isn’t it?

    But I find new CD releases are increasing in price now anyway.
  14. I had an £5 voucher from Amazon due to them missing my delivery day I had booked, so cancelled my initial order and then re ordered it using the voucher. So, only paid £22 in the end which was not bad really.
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  15. Yes. £22 should be the set price.
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  16. I paid £29 for the Spice Girls Spice 25 CD book re issue. Beautiful set, but does make you wonder where these prices come from.
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  17. Prices are definitely on the rise.

    I want to go back to HMV.com in 2006!
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  18. When there was still a Virgin Records just about too! Those were the days.
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  19. Thinking about it, wasn’t (Livin’ In) Desperate Times filmed here as well? I seem to remember it was mentioned in Olivia’s interview with Brian Grant.

    I listened to most of the audio of the deluxe edition today…. The remixed version of (Livin’ In) Desperate Times is quite different isn’t it? Vocals towards the end are an alternate take? There was me singing along and like “oh, it’s not supposed to go like that there.”

    I’d also forgotten how the video version of Falling has that alternate instrumental. And Carried Away I actually thought sounded better in that mix (the album version I didn’t think sounded much different to how I knew it).

    The mastering is definitely improved. I noticed it more on the Two of a Kind stuff but all of it sounds better.

    The extended version of Physical was a disappointment - I didn’t realise it would just be the whole song repeated. Still, for completeness, I’m glad it’s on there.

    The edits in Landslide and Tied up are not obvious (apart from her vocals coming in earlier in Tied Up). Both are good edits in that you don’t feel you’re really losing anything. Did the 1982 EMI compilation “Olivia’s Greatest Hits” use both of those edits?
  20. She definitely filmed LIDT here. There was an on set interview on Breakfast Time back then.Think it’s still on YouTube

    I also recall Arlene Phillips saying that when she shot the video, Olivia was ill, but she just got on with the job and was great to work with.

    I haven’t played Olivia’s Greatest Hits in years, so couldn’t say for sure. I seem to think the edited Landslide was on the LP…
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