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Olivia O'Brien - Empty

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. She featured on the Gnash track last year and is dropping tracks reasonably often. New one feels a little try hard but the video is pretty.
  2. I truly adore her, she's really keeping quality with every track she put out. Trust Issues, Find What You're Looking For are just perfect, the same with her solo version of Hate U Love U. Empty is another great song.

    I'm stanning. Relase EP at least, queen!
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  3. This is terrible.

    Bad songwriting. Average voice.

    I can't believe on top of "I hate u I love u" being the worst song of the decade, that it's also enabling this. Goodbye.
  4. Queen of getting drunk on sparkling white grape.

    She's so redundant now that Selena Gomez, Sabrina Carpenter, and Julia Michaels exists but the song is ok, I guess. It can grow.
  5. I stumbled upon this song on YouTube today. It's atrocious.
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  6. I love Tove Lo.
  7. I heard 'Empty' out randomly last night and had the chorus stuck in my head, and am just not investigating/figuring out what it actually is.

    Sigh. Sonically, the song is a winner, and I like the hook, but to get away with such a cliche theme, you really have to have at least a little tongue in cheek, or something smarter and deeper to back it up. The verses are atrocious.

    Video is lame too, super pretty, but obviously done on a shoestring. Sorry for resurrecting the thread, just had to comment, haha.

  8. New single and video 'RIP'. It's pretty much another Tove all single with less interesting vocals and even worse lyrics, but the melody and production are really strong. The chorus is amazing to me too.

    A dreary bop, if you will. The video is lame too, I'd criticize her/it more, but she's so young. Anyways, check this jam out! @backstreetjoe @Noir @lushLuck @Vasilios
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  9. She's releasing EP "It's Not That Deep" with Empty, RIP, No Love and new songs Tequilawine and Fuck Feelings on November 17th.
    It's so nice that she will finally release something, I decided to not listening to No Love to have 3 new tracks along with the release. I hope the material will live up to her standalone singles before Empty, I loved them.
  10. No Love is okay. I can't abide by her though. She's nothing special or refreshing.
  11. This seems to be getting another push.
  12. Album out out next week!
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  13. I stopped checking on her after she dropped her EP, but I just listened to Just A Boy and it's quite a bliss. I'm gonna listen to the album definitely.
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