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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 19, 2017.

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    The voiceover at the end of purpleworld sis...

    Someone distort it and make her sound like GFOTY, please.
  2. Was It Even Real? is honestly AMAZING for a debut album. On first listen the only thing that felt off was the voiceover at the end of purpleworld, but I think I'm warming up to it; It's just kinda jarring at first, but I think it's really pretty!
  3. She should honestly be really proud of the record! It is a rock solid debut, especially considering how poor new artists firsts are these days; you can very clearly hear the work she’s put into honing her sound.

    It’s on trend but not passé; the song writing is personal but still relatable; her whole sound and aesthetic have arisen so organically. ‘Inhibitions’ is my favorite of the unheard songs, what an absolute gem. The singles are still excellent too. From corny to really something special, good for her!
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  4. Almost in Love is amazing.

  5. Sis not letting this not become a hit without a fight ddd.
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  6. I listened to this like a year late, but Call Me!, UDK and Inhibitions? Muffy sis, the sad girl pop excellence
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  7. New single out on Friday September 18th:


  8. Ooh this slaps.
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  9. The AKon sample was unexpected but really works. Her best music video too!
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  10. I screamed at Alex from Call Her Daddy randomly being in the video.

    After a few wathces, I just realized the umbrella outfit is a reference to Britney, which is kind of messy ddd but she also says other looks were inspired by Gwen, Xtina and Paris.

    I think this ties Josslyn for her best song.

    The art direction is pretty amazing:
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  11. We don't talk about her nearly enough. Out of the wave of Insta Pop girls, I think she has some really great material.

    The Results Of (...) was on repeat when it came out and Was It All In My Head stuck as one of my favourite songs of the year. Her album is also quite good, Love Myself in particular. Now seems like a natural progression towards having a mainstream moment, hope it gets her a cute little hit.

    The art direction / styling / graphics = A+.
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  12. The 1:32 mark is also such an obvious reference to Britney's and JT's look at the 2001 AMAs -- certainly not as subtle as the umbrella one, but it's still fun trying to pick out who inspired what look and all of those other little surprises... I'm definitely unsure of how I feel on the umbrella one, though, now that you mentioned it.
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  13. I absolutely rinsed 'Sad Songs In The Summer' but from the other bits a pieces I've heard, I've not really got into her.
    Any recommendations that are in a similar vein to Sad Songs...?
  14. I keep going back and forth between being into this 2000’s, vibrant colour, capital P Pop chorus thing that’s she’s doing and thinking that it’s just not quite hitting the spot every time. I didn’t particularly enjoy much of her album but the new material released this year has been a lot stronger for me. We’ll see if she continues to win me over. Josslyn is one of my singles of the year.
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