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Olivia Palermo

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by filmnoirish, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. I do sometimes revel in my superficial side and I say this lady is one of the most deliciously stylish women in the world, she kind of obsesses me. Discuss your love, hate or indifference for this gorgeous bitch.
  2. I both love and hate this biatch. She looks a bit like Siobhan Donaghy to me also.

    I saw a preview for this episode of The City where she goes to Tokyo and everyone there ends up laughing at how small her face is! Need to watch that.
  3. Wow. I never knew her last name until this. HAHAHA.
  4. What does she actually do? I know on The City she has a job at Elle, but I just can't see that being her day-to-day job. Is it?
  5. She doesn't work there full-time. She's just part of the show.
  6. I prefer Erin Kaplan. Everytime I've seen her in a battle with Olivia, she's come out on top, and this is only right because Olivia is a bit simple.
  7. Kelly Cutrone owns all their asses from what I've seen.
  8. I had only seen her in my magazines and what she wears and thought 'god shes pretty' but then I watched The City and she is still stunning but I had a slight issue with her chin!!
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