Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS (spilled)

Same color, another four-letter title, same exact producer…

Everything is giving Sour 2.0 as of now, which feels super safe. I guess she’s making purple her thing…? I wish she would have branched out more aesthetic-wise. It’ll probably serve her well, but that just means she’ll have to switch it all up on the next album, then. This is already making a second album era like Happier Than Ever look super ballsy in comparison dd (it definitely was).
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Based on nothing other than the titles of 'vampire' and 'GUTS' (blood) I'm guessing this is her emo-lite era where the first album was rawkkk chick-lite. I don't buy it as a persona whatsoever but the singles were good to great so I'm looking forward to hearing this.
She dropped the ball quite hard with this cover, at least for me. It's not interesting, it doesn't bring much associations with it and it's giving Rare.