Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS (spilled)

It's been the opposite experience for me, actually. I was initially disappointed by the ballads, but the pop rock moments were so good that I kept coming back. And I was listening to the spilled version the other day and realized I enjoy the slower moments like making the bed and teenage dream more than I thought.

Also I think the album did really great? We have artists that struggle to make a proper second album just because of the pressure they feel after a massive debut. The art direction aside, I think she did a fantastic job with this album and received the success she deserved.
Went to see Olivia at the Hydro last night and she was excellent. The influence she has on tweens is next level. Most of them were in sparkly skirts with boots and purple hair clips. And I’ve never heard screams like it.

The good thing about the audience was that they were all tiny and we had a great view in standing without any effort ha.

The queue for the merch stands were also bigger than any of the bar queues.