Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

I'm only 24 and am very plugged in with most things pop culture but I'd literally never heard of this person until she had the number one song in the world, which I... kind of really love. I didn't even know the High School Musical thing on Disney+ was a thing that people were watching dd. The last time that happened was indeed with Ariana but this is already a way bigger / more immediate moment than "The Way".
Who is this Olivia we are speaking of in terms of the charts (no shade intended)

Listened to this yesterday and it hurt dd. Honestly this could be written about me at 17/18.

It’s Taylor Swift school of “personal story but make it universal and get the tabloids talking, too” songwriting mixed with Lorde production.

I’m still not that sold on it because I’ve honestly heard “better” variations, but I can definitely see why it appeals to the girls of her own age group, looking for their own singer-songwriter to soundtrack their own coming of age stories. And I think that’s a great thing to see.

Also with 1.186m on Spotify UK yesterday, the 3rd biggest daily stream (outside Christmas) after Shape Of You and Castle On The Hill.

She also breaks her own record for the biggest single day streams for a non-holiday song in the platform’s history with over 13.4 million streams.

As someone not Mid-20s, I will say charts have only really had little weight from this generation so far. And if it were only the youth/gen z, the song wouldn't hold as strong as it is. Disney is much more boxed-off now.
Olivia and Sabrina do your 2021 version of The Boy Is Mine challenge.

In My Bed was legitimately that bop. They are both mega talented.

I know this whole thing feels very “who is she? How is she getting such a major push? This all feels very calculated” but honestly I couldn’t give a fuck less, I’m just thrilled that this sort of backing and support is going to someone who’s legitimately talented, both a killer singer and an excellent young song writer.
Sabrina Carpenter needs a new A&R quite honestly. Or.. Out of Hollywood Records. The potential is there, but there's no real identity in the music. Drivers License is better than anything she's released.