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Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. Slice of Life

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  2. Binch has good reception on the beach, doesn't she?

    This song definitely cements her lane of "Lorde but with actual vocals." But I love it.
  3. Yeah I really like this. She really knows her way around a bridge huh? Then again, I guess I should expect nothing less from a Taylor/Lorde stan. Good on them for not wasting her momentum and actually getting an album out in a reasonable amount of time
  4. Do YOU get deja vu when she's with yOoOoUuu?

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  5. Now why did I read that as you censoring two letters of a four-letter title and thinking........ "...POOR"?
  6. Oh deja vu is great.

    I'm...intrigued by how the album is going to come together because both songs feel very Taylor x Lorde mashup (the last stretch of deja vu is serving strong Cruel Summer bridge while the first half leans into Lorde vocals) but I still think she's able to make them distinct enough by her own strengths.
  7. Through the first chorus I was thinking it was maybe a bit too similar to Driver's License but it picked up from there, and I really liked the video. I don't think this will be nearly as big as Driver's License (although I could be wrong) but I still think that doing a quick follow up and getting the album out is the right move to avoid being boxed in as a potential one-hit wonder.
  8. Wait I thought she was censoring two letters almost as a surprise but her fucking initials are OR so I guess I’m the one who’s POOR dddd.
  9. I definitely prefer this to driver's license.
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  10. The lyrics are a bit more of the same ol' but both the production and vocal delivery more than make up for that so I'm good.
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  11. It really does sound quite similar to driver’s licence melodically, I almost started singing over it in a couple places on first listen.
  12. I like it, another great bridge.

    I cackled at this earlier though:

  13. Why did they drop this at this time though? I mean she doesn't really need this to be another huge hit but not looking forward for this to debuting at #99 in the Hot 100.
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  14. 2014

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    This is really great - she's carving an easy niche for herself already huh??
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  15. I like this more than Driver's License. That said, it's all still very Lorde-influenced and doesn't sound like it would be a massive hit or anything. Curious to see how it will do, though I'm sure it will do fine based on hype alone.
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  16. K94


    It's nice but yeah - she's a bit too much in Lorde's business.
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  17. If she never plans on coming back from Antarctica than someone has to pick up the mantle.
  18. Not another Sabrina takedown
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  19. RMK


    I actually thought it was a bit of a by-the-numbers type of second single, and isn't better than drivers license?
  20. This is so, so good. But yes, it’s very Lorde with a tinge of Sigrid.
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