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Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. I really don't get this nn. The first half is a Lorde cosplay, even trying to replicate some of Jack's "signature" synths, the bridge and outro sound like Cruel Summer and the fake "quirky girl" vocal affectations are painfully obvious. I also kinda wanted to die at the Glee line but I guess that's what her generation remembers fondly (?). I don't know, everything sounds like it's engineered to cater to a very specific audience and as a result I still don't see if she has something actually new to offer compared to what we already have with other popstars.
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  2. It’s her first era so I personally think it’s fine she’s doing veteran artists’ cosplay. Most of our pop girls were doing that, too when they first started out.
  3. Yes!
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  4. Almost shockingly similar to driver's license but if it ain't broke, I guess. First listen feelings are that it's super solid, if thematically a bit too close to her current smasha? I hope the album offers a bit of lyrical variety.
  5. I mean... Lorde being an influential pop girl means other songs are gonna sound like her. When the execution is this good I don’t mind at all.
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  6. What... did I just read.
  7. Our not like other girls 2019 playlists are showing, sis!
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  8. It’s cute. Will need a couple more plays...
  9. I loved it but the Billy Joel line was too much of a literal dig at Joshua (given his love for him) for me.
  10. The production feels very unreleased ‘The Matrix’ circa 2004. The drum programming and the synths in the chorus sound really dated and are kinda clashing with the song’s topic.
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  11. This is quite good. Not quite as good as drivers license, but still good.

    The lyrics... I feel somebody needs to intervene and wean her off watching her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend's instagram stories.
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  12. Oh I kinda really love this dddd.

    Not the actress in the video looking like Sabrina though ddd.
  13. To echo a lot of what’s been addressed, this feels like (not very good) Lorde cosplay with the bridge ripped straight out of ‘Cruel Summer’ (but again, not as good).

    That said, she’s harmless as an entity in her first era and there’s far worse music to direct my ire towards so I’m not mad at it.
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  14. This is fine but if it blocks Montero from the no 1 spot in the U.K. and US I’ll be fuming.
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  15. Sam


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  16. I like that’s it’s more upbeat than driver’s license but I’m not thrilled that, lyrically, it is exactly the same. I’m sure the album will offer some more diversity though, so I’m still politely perched.
  17. I really enjoyed it on first listen.
  18. I actually really like it. It took me a while to enjoy "Driver's License" but this is pretty instant for me. I honestly don't really understand the Lorde comparisons. I see them a lot so I know it's something I'm just not hearing.

    Anyway, two for two for me!
  19. I love this. She’s showing so much promise making music like this at a young age.
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