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Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. Sounds a bit like “No Surprises” by Radiohead too.

    I wish it had more variation in the melody. She’s singing the same notes in different registers and with different affectations in her voice for three and a half minutes.
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  2. I couldn’t help but notice that too, there were some shots throughout where the actress looked exactly like Sabrina but with brown hair nn.
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  3. aux


    I've been obsessed with "drivers license" since it came out and I can see myself getting the same mileage from "deja vu" which is just as good. Consider me perched for her debut album.

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  4. It would be different for me if Olivia had several public relationships and there was an air of mystery leaving us wondering which songs are about which people (see: Red), but I'm ready for her to jump ahead a few eras (see: Folklore) and write fictitious stories instead of inflaming Disney star fanbases dd.
  5. Ok but drivers license was not a Sabrina take down by any means, and didn't insult her in any way. Sabrina's followup song though, was kind of...mean.
  6. Driver’s license remains unbothered.
  7. Whoa, this is great? The first minute I was kinda bored but then she started snapping. I’m not mad at the Lorde claims - if she’s gonna rip someone off, I’d rather it be someone like Lorde.
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  8. It's a good song, but a great video. It seems like a play on the stan twitter jokes about her being an obsessed stalker for the 'now i drive alone past your street' line in Drivers License.

    The Taylor/Lorde influences are very obvious, but so far she's done an okay job at putting her own twist on it. She's such a young artist so I'm pretty excited to see how she'll develop and continue to find her sound.
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  9. It’s the typical second single replicating the first which was a smash. We’ve seen it a lot in the past. I like it.
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  10. Given how well she's doing straight out of the gate, I was hoping I'd enjoy this song more than her debut, but it's not for me.
  11. Sam


    Is it just me or is the timing on

    “cause you played her uptown girl”

    super out of sync?
  12. It's a bit of a racket production wise.
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  13. I’m a little bit...underwhelmed? It’s a great reference track to showcase everything shes learnt from Taylor and Lorde (and Sky - I see Night Time, My Time everywhere) but as the follow-up single to a globe-straddling behemoth? I think of all the thought and meetings that must have went into choosing this song as The Next Single and wonder if much thought was actually put into it at all
  14. This feels like the amalgamation of an artist influenced by our fav indie pop girls of the ‘10s, filtered through a mainstream lens. I love it and I’m rooting for her.
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  15. I wasn’t sure how to feel about this at first but I properly love it after a few listens. I think people would probably be underwhelmed with anything she followed Drivers License with. It was such a monumental moment for her and I’d rather her not try and replicate that kind of moment again so soon. deja vu is cute and it sounds perfect as the weather is warming up. The Lorde and Taylor influence is strong, but she’s such a great songwriter in her own right already. She has Taylor’s knack for making such specific details feel relatable on a bigger level.

    This is definitely quirkier than I expected her to go on her second single, and I like that she went this direction. Haven’t watched the video yet so I’m excited to do that later tonight. Properly perched for whatever else Ms. Rodrigo has in store!
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  16. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I’m not as bothered by the Lorde comparisons, mostly because I don’t think the sound of Melodrama was that unique to her to begin with. I also have to scoff a bit at the criticism that this is manufactured because we’re on, y’know, a pop forum. Filtering past influences and targeting a specific demographic both kind of come with the territory.

    My main gripe with the song off the first couple listens is that it pulls from Driver’s License a bit too much while not taking the things that worked about it and dialing them up to an 11 (see something like Poker Face into Bad Romance, etc.) but it’s pretty great regardless and I’m excited to see what else she turns out.

    I liked the idea of the album being called Let’s Be Honest..., hoping *O*R isn’t actually the title for more than one reason.
  17. I hate to think that I was just your type” is such a strong, loaded line, by the way, so she deserves some flowers just for that.
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  18. God I just want Lorde back
  19. I think this is beyond disappointing, it's a Lorde rip-off, but in a bad way,
    like it's not just influenced by Lorde, all thru the song it feels like she's gonna start singing Royals.
    And people saying its Royals with better vocals, rather the opposite, if something, the song shows how poor and whimsy Olivia's vocals are, even with all the auto-tune in the world.
    Then the lyrics are mediocre, nothing special, even if they've tried again to write some lyrics that sound controversial enough and entice the Disney Channel kids.
    DL was appealing but this is the opposite.
  20. Well I greatly prefer it to Driver's License which I didn't listen to more than like... 3 times.
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