Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

After being OBSESSED with Out of the Old since I first heard it I’m so happy she’s smashing with this.

I’ve also just seen she’s nearly at 200 million streams for All I Want which is quite surprising too!
Love that she loved Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers so much! Also since this is a Dan Nigro production I would really like a Sky Ferreira You’re Not The One esque banger next, please
Oh this is really good. Like holy shit? I think I first heard her sing when she did a cover of a Taylor song or something (and now realizing she's the voice behind the All I Want song that went viral on tiktok), so I wasn't sure what to expect with this. I kind of feel like I got kicked in the chest and she had no right. Her voice is insane when she's climbing the "I know we weren't perfect" melody, especially the second time she does it. I'm perched now can't wait to hear what else Ms. Rodrigo puts out.

Also really sweet and kind of insane that Taylor commented on her post. How crazy it must be to hear music from an artist that you know adores you, to be in the industry long enough to see your influence materialize into other people's art.
I’ve never heard her name in my life and yet everyone is suddenly losing their shit over her? Did I miss something? Every time someone starts yelling about industry plants I think they’re dumb but something is suspect about this dddd.

The song is cute though.

One big thing we're seeing happen is that previewing songs on TikTok helps them explode out the gate when they finally premiere. She had been teasing the song via an acoustic version for awhile (?) on the platform. Luke Combs did something similar back in October for his deluxe re-release of his album.
I don’t really care for the song except for the bridge. I do enjoy her on the show but her singing style on this song isn’t something I particularly like but I’m glad this is doing good for her.
I really don’t get the hype over this song. Guess I was expecting something more vibrant and less... Billie-ish, idk maybe it’s just my standards for such top-charting debut singles in pop music, which hasn’t happened in a while for a female solo artist tbh.
She’s got a nice voice but that’s about it. Good for her anyway.
This is really good, but the Lorde cosplay is very real indeed. It could so easily have come from Pure Heroine.
I mean — the BRIDGE is very Lorde-esque because of the harmonies, the melody, and the vocal production, but the rest of the song doesn’t sound like Lorde at all and Lorde ... could never sing this song.
This came up on my YouTube of all places and I have no prior knowledge of this person but christ, this is good. The way she emotes when she sings is incredible.

And why are we pretending like comparing anybody to Lorde is anything but a major compliment?
The bridge is fantastic and all of the praise for it is deserved but I agree with @Truce it’s all about the melody on the “I know we weren’t perfect” section at the start of the chorus for me. I know they said this is the lead for an EP but with it looking at a possible #1 debut they really should add a few more songs and use this to launch an album.