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Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. What is that dress she wore for Driver's Licence...

  2. Is this my song of the year? It’s more likely than you’d think.
  3. LOVE the performance of Drivers License!
  4. I'm so bummed she skipped deja vu.
    Girl. No. She wishes.
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  5. Excellence. She's 18 years old and serving pitch perfect performances, vocally, that remain faithful to the recorded versions while being refreshingly earnest and emotive.
  6. I have to say that "good 4 u" is a lovely change of pace and I adore that attitude she's giving here. Makes me even more excited for the album!
  7. The production is kind of similar.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Whew she is the moment. Maybe her performance style is still a bit stage school just a tiny bit, but the potential is frightening.
  9. Okay, but for some reason, today, the opening of good 4 u reminded me of Erotica. Gen Z's Madonna confirmed!
  10. good 4 u is honestly just a stone-cold classic already.
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  11. I know I hear it only because I’m a lamb but the We Belong Together vibes in the way she delivers verses are making me like the song even more!
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  12. So who’s mashing this and Veronica’s 4ever up?
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  13. The good 4 u performance was mega, and that was probably her best live vocal of driver’s license yet. Very thankful she finally has some backing vocals during the bridge, it really makes a world of difference.

    She is such a star, and she is only going to get better as her confidence grows.
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  14. She is the moment.
  15. Just finished watching the performance of Drivers License and it was so good. Completely electrifying.
    Definitely my favourite performance of the song so far (I don't know if she performed it many times, I only watched the Jimmy Fallon performance and the one at the Brits), but this one was definitely better.
    I loved that this time it was not just piano + strings, and the having the band sing the backing vocals during the bridge was a very nice change to the other performances
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  16. Howling at this tweet and some of the replies:

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  17. She’s a STAR.
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  18. Sour Candies.
  19. Okay, the Good 4 u performance was also fantastic. She really is a star
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