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Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. Courtney, love...
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  2. The way Driver License almost feels forgotten about, such is the ubiquity of Good 4 U.
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  3. Courtney, sis.

    Olivia’s kind reply and Courtney still going after her…
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  4. Courtney Love needs to *Azealia Banks voice* get off the fucking Internet. I love her and Live Through This but like…I really don’t think a) that sad prom queen is an aesthetic that only she’s ever done and b) that it’s really similar enough to be doing…all of that. It’s very iamamiwhoami acting like she had copywrite for being a blonde woman in the forest.
  5. It's an homage not a rip-off.
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  6. Not Shirley Manson supporting Courtney in the comments
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  7. nn the way that Courtney probably popped off only because Olivia gave Gwen some literal flowers.
  8. She does seem pretty hell bent on getting flowers! She mentioned them in every single one of her comments/replies, even to Olivia

  9. Embarrassing. Also SM siding with her? Double the cringe.
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  10. Ok but I'll be ready for Ellen Von Unwerth for OR2 now.
  11. Okay but Olivia serving up her own Live Through This as a sophomore album...... Prom wig.
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  12. I love Courtney, but she really should have stayed quiet.
    It looks bitter and in bad taste.
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  13. Olivia said, "anyway"

  14. RMK


    Courtney needs to chill (dd)
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  15. I'm so happy she is making a vídeo for Brutal. Jealousy next please.
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  16. My first thought whenever I see 'Live Through This' is the movie Carrie so is Miss Love sending Sissy her flowers too?
  17. Really looking forward to this

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  18. Nn I’m surprised the Courtney stuff picked up so much steam I thought people knew not to pay attention to her social media presence.
  19. Starting in 5!
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  20. I hope she threw in a cover of Celebrity Skin for Courtney!
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