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Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. I think she's annoyed and acknowledging the ridiculousness of her publisher doing that.
  2. Yeah its getting ridiculous now, surely songs can have a similar vibe and not be plagiarised….
  3. They don't really sound that similar? This is getting pathetic. Y'all have enough money to never work again. Let the new it girl live!
  4. It’s getting weird …
  5. I mean, if any of her songs deserved to have an additional credit, it would be to Paramore for good 4 u and not to Taylor, Jack and Annie for deja vu.

    So I’m glad it’s actually been addressed because the comparison is uncanny. I was at a party where they played them back to back and it was pretty wild
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  6. I’ve only listened to this album a few times and keep forgetting to come back to it. Working on that.

    I did make a comparison to Paramore with good 4 u but I didn’t go straight to Misery Business with it. I don’t think it should have a 50% credit. That’s shocking.

    I also didn’t think of Cruel Summer when I heard that one section of deja vu. Not sure that deserves a credit either.

    But I did hear New Years Day the second 1 step forward, 3 steps back started and that’s the kind of thing you’d expect a credit for. Not Misery Business or Cruel Summer. Is there no such thing as influence any more?
  7. Neither Deja Vu or good 4 u sound that similar to Cruel Summer/Misery Business. A similar vibe/style? Sure, but that's not...really grounds to be doing all of this.
  8. I think her team is playing safe/smart though. They're giving out these credits and clearing these samples/interprolations just in case someone tries it in the middle of her Grammy campaign. They may be being overly cautious but it's better than a potential lawsuit. The Blurred Lines lawsuit truly had everyone in shambles.
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  9. I don't know, I wish they wouldn't relent too often because news like this could potentially attract more wolves.
  10. This is absurd. 50% of the publishing? Sure the songs are similar but there's clearly no specific component that's been xeroxed.
  11. I know people always said the Robin Thicke / Marvin Gaye lawsuit was the start of a slippery slope when it came to credits... and I guess here we are nn
  12. Okay now drop that good 4 u/misery business mash up on Spotify and make it official.
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  14. This isn’t about artistic integrity it’s about money who cares about chords
  15. She should start selling writing credits on her website as merch. It seems like everyone in the industry wants a piece of that album and it’s embarrassing to say the least.
  16. K94


    Starting to look a bit jealousyjealousy.mp3 at this point.
  17. I'm disappointed miss Hayley signed this off, honestly. Let a younger queen prosper.
  18. Now I need Olivia to drag Taylor and Paramore in a video for jealousy, jealousy.
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  19. The songs literally sound the same. You can sing Misery Business on top of good 4 u and viceversa. That's the reason why that mash up on YouTube has more than 2 million streams.
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  20. It’s a bit of a kii though that Taylor has two credits on this album now.
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