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Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. Good to see! She should definitely not take a break and continue building on her momentum and launch OR2 sometime in August/September after her tour commences.
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  2. Is she filming something else soon? In Europe?
  3. 1 year of SOUR today!

  4. Olivia in 7 months time:
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  5. She can do much better!

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  6. But… if she likes him he’d may be the best she wants to do?
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  8. The way she name checked every last one of them.
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  9. The whole live performance of fuck you and the crowd reaction is exilarating to watch, a true moment.
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  10. I was annoyed that BBC didn't include this in the broadcast, but at least they have put it online. Amazing that she did this.

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  11. Smashing the patriarchy and introducing Lily Allen to the tweeners...we love you Livvie!
  12. What a queen!
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  13. Honestly, this is such a powerful statement and I really commend her for it. Also, bringing out Queen Lily? Let me go throw Sour a stream.
  14. They should totally record it as duet in the studio and release it!
  15. Honestly iconic behaviour.
  16. Lily looked incredible and on the verge of tears after seeing the crowd's reaction. Fuck You might seem a bit tame now as a song but when it came out I (and the GP) were absolutely shook!
  17. What’s interesting to me is that the whole idea to perform this song in this context could seem contrived and inconsequential, but it really isn’t in the end. The power of Lily!
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