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Olly Murs - Marry Me

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Celestial Mosaic, Oct 6, 2022.

  1. I haven't seen a thread for this and I think I'm getting the new system right?

    New album from Olly out December 2nd. First single Die of a Broken Heart out tomorrow.


    1. Die of a Broken Heart
    2. I Found Her
    3. Go Ghost
    4. 25
    5. Dancing On Cars
    6. Do Me Like That
    7. Marry Me
    8. Best Night of Your Life
    9. I Hate You When You're Drunk
    10. Don't Stop Dancing
    11. Let Me Just Say
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  2. 7th?! I might have to listen to this due to sheer shock!
  3. W2K


    Really don’t like the song, the vocals are way too processed. And I hate his hair.
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  4. How does anyone manage to sound this anonymous seven albums into a career?
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  5. The Harry Styles impact
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  6. The new single isn’t showing up on the New Music Friday playlist, strange. Listened anyway and it’s fine, nothing new really.
  7. New single is pretty great, a nice continuation of the sound he's had for the last few albums. Olly is obviously aware his peak is well behind him so I guess he's happy in the lane he is.

    Bundles and whatnot are up on his store. The usual suspects; signed CDs and vinyl, cassettes and...a usb?

    He's also announced a tour for next year


    If you pre-order from his store before 4pm on 11th October you'll get a presale code for the tour.

    HMV have an alternate artwork too.
  8. Snatched that Signed vinyl+CD bundle. The songs generic but it’s catchy enough.
  9. May I say that I think he apprechiated a lot Somebody that I used to know by Gotye ? The HMV alt cover is more spicy lol
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  10. It’s not a bad song and sits nicely with the rest of his catalogue

    But ‘You Don’t Know Love’ really should be his blueprint, what a song.
  11. Music Video:
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  12. This is miles better than the first single.
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  13. Love this!!
  14. He's 2/2 for me, but then he never really disappoints with his music. Can't wait for the whole album next week (!) Can't believe it's December next week already.
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  15. This is so much better than Die Of A Broken Heart (which was just fine)
  16. It's so nice having him back doing huge sing along choruses again. I am addicted to this.
  17. I’m really surprised this new song has got a positive reaction here. The lyrics are beyond questionable and giving obsessive toxic boyfriend vibes.

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