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Olly Murs - You Know I Know

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Music City Queen, Aug 30, 2018.

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  1. Coming later this year, Olly's sixth album will include a collaboration with...

    Snoop Dogg
    His own version of 'California Gurls', named 'Essex Gurls' is coming
  2. I don't know who I expected to be under the spoiler, but I wasn't expecting that, haha.
  3. Olly surprisingly has a pretty solid discography. I'm mid key excited for this.
  4. I seen him live last year, he’s racked up quite a few tunes over the past few years. Looking forward to new music from him.. although not sure about that collaboration in the spoiler!
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  5. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I know this shouldn’t be surprising because he’s got a pretty consistent singles discography but... sixth album?! Wild.
  6. And to think he's probably one of the most successful music-wise X Factor acts.

    I think the top 5 in terms of music success goes:
    5. Olly Murs
    4. JLS
    3. Leona Leiws
    2. Little Mix
    1. One Direction

    Crazy to think that only 2 of them are winners.
  7. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    11 more of these

    and 4 more of these

    please and thank you.
  8. Olly has had a much longer career than he should have, considering he's had to deal with Syco and the X Factor machine. To think he could've quite easily been a one-album-then-dropped flop like the hundreds of others we lost along the way?

    Saying that, I'm not entirely sure where he fits in in the streaming era and I think his best bet is to maybe pivot a bit towards a Radio 2 kind of audience nowadays.
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  9. You Don’t Know Love was the best thing he has ever done
  10. SBK


    I mean, just looking at spotify, his numbers are strong so he's probably fine with Sony so long as he keeps releasing those slow burner tracks that generate 10s of millions of streams over time as opposed to having instant streaming hits.
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  11. I still think Olly has what it takes to deliver some more hits. I wouldn't count him out just yet.
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  12. 24 HRS was my most-played album of 2016 so if the new album is in the same vein then I'll be very happy. He's a surprisingly enjoyable live artist too when I saw him a couple of times.
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  13. I still hate the git for blocking 'Something New'.

  14. Edited: Penned by Ed Sheeran. Sigh...
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  15. Out down under.

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  16. It literally stinks of Ed Sheeran. I don't like it.
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  17. Ok, but I like this song even though it's essentially Olly singing Ed Sheeran karaoke.

    The artwork is terrible though...
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I'm surprised he's still doing music? He'll be on Strictly next year!
  19. He’s hardly flopping like Mollie and Pixie Lott were.
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  20. I'm not impressed. I don't like the vocals and the chorus may as well have Ed Sheeran singing it (or is that the whole song?) I'm hoping the album is better
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