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Omar Rudberg - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Smooth Criminal, Jan 8, 2022.

  1. Have not seen a dedicated thread yet for Omar - he’s a Venezuelan-born Swedish pop star who found fame in a short-lived boyband called FO&O and is now starring in the Netflix series Young Royals. He’s released a smattering of singles - some English, some Swedish and some Spanish.

    It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane was probably one of my favourite releases from 2021:

    His new single Mi Casa, Su Casa is not as great but the video is a bit of an effortless serve.

    Excited to see what comes next.
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  2. Debut album out tonight
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  3. Island

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    This robbed Melo king!

    Are any of the songs on the album done with Pure Shores? He was in the studio with them a few months ago.
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  4. Yes track #1 'In The Sunrise'
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  5. It’s not a bad listen on first impression. I need to go back to this and give it another go, but Moving Like That is the best track on here by quite a long shot.
  6. Como Ayer and Moving Like That are far and away the standouts but this is a decent little listen, I hope he can breakthrough at some point because he really has it all.
  7. He’s great, he was so sweet in Young Royals and he completely carried the show for me. I want to love the music too but so far it feels just OK. I need to listen to the album.
  8. The album is really cute - I really like 'In the Sunrise' and 'Coast Side' (which sounds like a lost early 00s boyband track).

    Hopefully the hype that Heartstopper had will transfer over to Young Royals Season 2 and his music will get a bit more of a profile. I'm happy but also very surprised that he was album to get an album out given his singles have not really gained traction.

    I'm very curious as to how the economics of TEN music works, as they seem to have a lot of artists constantly releasing and very few hits between them. Those Zara Larsson coins must run deep.
  9. New single (which is a 2022 spanglish version of Ace of Base 'All That She Wants')

  10. The album is OK, but I think I'll need more bops in the vein of 'Moving Like That'. That was a blast.
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