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OMI - Cheerleader

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blayke, Jan 19, 2015.

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    This guy was one of my secret reggae/pop pleasures a few years ago. Just before Christmas I heard one of his songs on the radio but it was the remix to his song Cheerleader (2012). The remix is doing wonders here and is on the fast track to proper smashing. I wanted to share the song here to see if anyone else is a fan.


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  2. Re: OMI - Cheerleader (#1 Australian iTunes)

    It's also been to #1 in Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

    The first few times I heard it, I wasn't that fussed by it, but it has grown on me in a major way.

    I suppose it's not quite a "trend" yet, but I could definitely get on board with the "Take a song that was not really a hit in its first incarnation, remix it, and get a hit" thing. We have Lilly Wood & The Prick vs. Robin Schulz, now OMI vs. Felix Jaehn... who's next?
  3. Re: OMI - Cheerleader (#1 Australian iTunes)

    What I like about this remake is that it's not some massive blown out dance hit. It's quite a modest, subdued track that is ridiculously infectious.
  4. Re: OMI - Cheerleader (#1 Australian iTunes)

    I intensely dislike this.
  5. Re: OMI - Cheerleader (#1 Australian iTunes)

    I don't know if I like this, but it's going to be fairly big isn't it?
  6. Re: OMI - Cheerleader (#1 Australian iTunes)


    Last Sunday my local POP radio station Spin 103.8 was playing "new music" and they played this song and I loved it immediately but they said it was by a Canadian called Sean Mendes so I didn't Shazam it. Imagine my horror when I listened to all of Sean Mendes' songs and remixes struggling to find this. Such a waste of human life.

    I'm so glad I have found this now. This is like Van Morrison autotuned.
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  7. Re: OMI - Cheerleader (#1 Australian iTunes)

    This is quite a nice song.
  8. Re: OMI - Cheerleader (#1 Australian iTunes)

    I'm not so fond on the remix, but the original is giving me some major "It Wasn't Me" vibes. Another summer smash released in winter.
  9. Re: OMI - Cheerleader (#1 Australian iTunes)

    This is still slaying the country. I can't get away from it. I still love it and still prefer the original.
  10. Re: OMI - Cheerleader (#1 Australian iTunes)

    Apparently this is out in the UK now. I wonder to see if this catches on?
  11. I could've sworn the release date in the UK was originally the first week in May? Thank God they brought it forward then, they were idiots for pushing it back so far in the first place. There was a tribute version in the charts last week while the pre-order was in the 50s, and the tribute version was definitely Top 10 last night. We should never have to resort to those awful tribute versions. Ever.

    Anyway, this song is great (well the remix) and it deserves to smash. I agree with sushimuffin, he needs to collab with Kygo.
  12. I heard this on one of the music channels yesterday and it is indeed a good song. Nice to see it getting airplay though. It also looks like this will be this year's Waves i.e. Mr Probz' Waves song was released in 2013 but the Robin Schulz remix of it (released last year) helped the song gain more recognition.
  13. Re: OMI - Cheerleader (#1 Australian iTunes)

    It's currently at #2 on UK iTunes so it looks like this could be a decent hit.
  14. SMG


    When I first heard this, I was like... okay. But now I can't stop listening to it. What a beast.
  15. The song is now at #1 on UK iTunes.
  16. Shocking.
  17. no.1 in the uk but can it hold on for a 2nd week though and is he the new "Iyaz" of 2015 or will he be able to do a Jason derulo only time will tell. But i wish him nothing but the best though.
  18. 4th week at no.1 this week and its up to #2 on UK iTunes again
  19. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Rapidly growing in the U.S. too, this is the global smash Britney needs.
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