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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Oct 26, 2011.

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    Started Sunday, 23rd October 2011.

    This is the new ABC show that's about Fairytales that intertwine with reality. The pilot was VERY strong and I can see this lasting a couple of seasons as it really is a niche show.

    FIRST LOOK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz9VFa7Z6Y0
  2. I watched the premiere on Sunday. I wasn't totally blown away by the pilot, but I wasn't horrified either. It definitely earned another 'watch', though. And if they can go ahead and put Jamie Dornan in every episode, I'll be there.
  3. I loved it. The story, the premise and the actors were great. There were some flaws with effects and cinematography but overall it was worth watching. The pilot ended great so I can't wait for another episode.
  4. FUCK YES. He is all kinds of insane hotness.

    Good things about this show (or the pilot) - Jennifer Morrison is great. Ginnifer Goodwin could be if the role is written interestingly. The kid was good. The 'real life' stuff in Storybrooke was good (better than the fairy tale bits). It's pure escapism. Jamie Dornan is in it.

    Bad bits - Prince Charming is not. Lana Parrilla seems woefully miscast as the Evil Queen/the mayor. The CGI was all kinds of appalling. Jamie Dornan is not naked in it.
  5. This show is amazing. I am like a kid again evbery time they flashback to fairytale scenes, the way they are intertwining all the fairytales is brilliant. The scene with Maleficent and the Evil Queen was brilliant, the best bits of the show are easily when they are in fairytale mode.

    I really looked forward to it every week, the hour goes by so fast. To me it is one of the most ambitous and intriguing shows of the season.

    My one grip is that I'm so afraid, since it is the producers of Lost, that they will try to pull some St. Elsewhere kind of crap in the end.
  6. I thought the second episode was so much better. I still don't like the 'Evil' Queen (not in a love to hate her way, just a she's-so-boring way) but I have to admit the scene where she killed her father was pretty grim!
  7. Just watching the latest episode and I must say it's really getting better and better.

    But one thing confuses me ... Does the Evil Queen knows she is what she is or she is just as clueless as the other characters but is just evil/bad person with some hidden agenda ? Because sometimes I think she knows something but then later in the episode she is just as clueless as the others.

    And I must say I'm loving Ginnifer Goodwin. Her acting is flawless and Lana Parrilla is getting better in portraying Evil Queen (in the beginning she was not so convincing).
  8. I absolutely love this show. It does get much better.
  9. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I actually quite like this, and I was in no way expecting to.

    Only minor complaints:
    1. Emma should not look older than Snow. It's very odd, was it that hard to find an actress that actually looks 28 and not 38?
    2. I'm a bit worried about this going on and on with no clear ending in sight, a la Lost Season 3.

    But I can't wait for more characters to appear. Looking forward to things like Snow's sister Rose inevitably showing up (probably to cause trouble).
  10. I just started with a list of who's who in Storybrook town :

    Prince Charming/Coma patient
    Evil Queen/Mayor of the town
    The Hunter/Police chief
    Geppetto/ Jail keeper (???)
    Grumpy/ Electrician (???)
    Sleepy/ Hospital security
    Granny/ The inn owner
    Red riding hood/ Slutty waitress
    Jiminy Cricket/Psychiatrist
    Rumplestilskin/Town racketeer (???)
    Doctor/???? (maybe The Wolf)

    maybe I missed someone ?... I hope we will see more fairytale characters in Storybrook town.
  11. New favourite programme alert... dot com. I'm obsessed with it!
  12. A week ago they announced this show got a full season pickup! Very exciting.
  13. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    It's good, but it just skews so far over towards the female demographic that there's really nothing for me. Good for ABC, though.
  14. Who would have tough that Cinderella was that desperate or that Rumpelstiltskin would kill her godmother ? This episode was very interesting especially how they translated Cinderella story in today's world as her being poor pregnant teenage girl and her price rich kid whose father doesn't approve of that relationship.
  15. I agree. I really like the translations they do for how these fairytale characters would living in the modern day. I did not like that Lana Parrilla (Evil Queen) only had a few scenes this past episode. She is my favorite.
  16. Lana Parrilla is awful in this! The only bad thing about the show.
  17. I think thatshe's improving by episode. At the beginning she was awful but now she is bearable to watch.

    I think that she has a problem how to portray Evil Witch in reality and still be "caring mother".

    And one thing is strange to me I thought that no one remembers that they are fairy tale characters including Evil Queen (because I can remember someone telling her that even her will not remember) and than suddenly at the recap in the beginning of the episode it was said that there is one person who remember and than they showed her. ???????
  18. Just seen the second episode of this and rather enjoying it especially the 'real-life' scenes.
  19. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Third episode was pretty good, although it's getting slightly more soap opera-ish. I really do think this would work better as a miniseries.
  20. Anyone seen the latest episode yet??
    Amazing as always, I love the Prince Charming/Snow White story and the Jiminy Cricket story this week was great.
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