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Once Upon a Time

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. I haven't finished this season yet but it lost me a while back. The endless jumping and crap plots with half of it a copy of other episodes was so confusing, but it's really sad for me because it was the first show I actually watched with my whole family... and now the quality's gone. I'll finish the season for nostalgia's sake though.
  2. I finally got around to watch the season with my mom.

    Thw whole thing wrapped up nicely and the series truly could have ended there. I mean, the ending is the perfect cheesy fairytale end you want and expect to see in this show...except they bring in older Henry into it. I can't say I'm not interested where are they going with this though, its not like I will miss half of the characters that left, I always liked Regina and Gold anyway so...

    So yeah, bring on season 7 and finish it for good. Maybe Regina gets her happy ending.
  3. It's not Regina though, is it? It's The Evil Queen.
  4. No, I mean maybe Regina gets her own happy ending in the 7th season, since Evil Queen got hers by the end of 6th.
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  5. I'm so here for this mess.
  6. Apparently they will explore the different versions of each tale, which is how they explain that Cinderella and Alice are played by different actresses now. Those two and Tiana are now regular cast members. Cinderella's step mother and Drizella will be recurring.

    Also bye bye Storybrooke, the characters now live in Hyperion Heights, a city in Seattle.
  7. As much as it seems unecessary, I do look forward to this new season conclusion.

    By the way, so many characters appeared and plots happened over the years that sometimes I'm having trouble keeping track - I totally forgot Cinderella and Alice appeared, let alone that they are now played by different actresses haha!
  8. I think Cinderella appeared at least a couple of times, one at the beginning and another in the later seasons. This is the original, who is supossed to be living in Storybrooke now:


    And this is the new alternate version:


    And then Alice had her own OUAT spin off.
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  9. Not sure I'm going to bother watching this season. Parts of the last season were a bit of a slog to get through and I already watch way too much TV.
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  11. As always, I'll watch because I've watched previous seasons so feel like I need to see it through to the end. But I'm not expecting much.
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  12. Yes, I feel the same - since I watched every season, I like to see how it all ends, even if it sucks. If I don't watch it, it would be like walking out of the movie I really like before it ends haha!
  13. Well, I think what is cool about this is that they have actually given us an "end" with S6. So anyone who doesn't feel like keep watching will still be satisfied. It will be like missing a sequel on theaters and instead watching it months later on Blu-Ray.
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  14. I'm not sure that this is a spoiler since it will be all over the promos, but still, the villain of S7 will be...
    Lady Tremain, Cinderella's stepmother.

    She is the one who has thrown the new curse that has made Regina, Hook and Rumple live trapped in Hyperion Heights, which is a neighborhood in Seattle.

    More details.
  15. Another bloody curse.
  16. I'm not surprised it is a curse. I mean, how else would they explain half of the characters are gone? It may be the lazy solution, but it is also the most convenient
  17. I am ready for this show to be over. But I am looking forward to Princess Tiana.
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