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One Album Wonders (Girl Groups of the Noughties)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by spillett, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. After the massive success of Spice Girls in the late nineties there was as sudden rush of girl group clones all trying to get in on the action. Some were successful, others less so. Some lasted one or two singles and others were lucky enough to get an album out before the inevitable dropping-by-record-label-never-to-be-heard-of-again.

    I shamelessly love the girl groups of the early noughties and want to listen to as many albums from this time as possible, especially those that didn't make it passed one album, just to see if there was any potential or if they really were rubbish.

    So far I have listened to and rate (from best to worst)

    Hepburn - Hepburn (10/10) - had to give it a ten, loved this album since it was released and still do.
    Frank - Devil's Got Your Gold (9/10)
    The 411 - Between the Sheets (7.5/10)
    Precious - ...Precious (7/10)
    Girl Thing - Girl Thing (6/10)
    Madasun - The Way It Is (6/10)

    Who am I missing?
  2. I thought of Girls @ Play - but they only got as far as a 2nd single!
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  3. Some of those acts are a bit strange as followers to the Spice Girls. Hepburn, Frank and Madasun at least feel like the opposite, actuallly.
    In the late 90s there were many girlbands trying to recreate the Spice formula, such as Solid Harmonie and all those Popstars outcomes (True Bliss, Bardot, Lollipop, No Angels, L5, etc etc).
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  4. I suppose some of them could be described as All Saints-clones....especially the likes of Made In London or Madasun.
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  5. There were loads of flop girl groups in the wake of Bananarama in the 80s, and even before that. The 50 and 60s were teaming with girl groups - more than after the Spice Girls brief reign. Literally billions of them! So girl groups (and bands) have always been around... my 100 Hits - Girl Groups and 100 Hits - More Girl Groups project research means I have lists and lists of them. I'll have a look through for you...

    I broke them down into discs, 5 discs of 20 tracks, like the 100 Hits range, with a mixture of big hits and total flops (making my 100 Hits format a bit of a lie - but it was only a working title!). Each disc covered a decade/era - the second volume really broke it down further by genre. I spent many hours sequencing it, playing it all back, fine-tuning it... a real labour of love. I love girl groups/bands. My favourite disc out of all 10 (to date - a third volume would be easy!) covered all the slutty/freestyle groups, mostly from the USA in the 80s/90s. So much fun!

    Also, @davearama recently did a 100 girl groups poll vote on his blog!
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  6. Yeah, I agree. I suppose I meant that in general after Spice Girls the doors were open for more female pop groups.

    I suppose Honeyz can be included too.
  7. Absolutely, I guess the early noughties is just my favourite era which is why I am aiming for that period of girl groups.
  8. A few from the 00s onwards you might want to check out.... some managed an album, some didn't!

    Dolly Rockers
    Love Bites
    Red Blooded Women
    The Ultra Girls
    Oh My!
    The Real Heat
    Girls Cant Catch
    Mini Viva
    Ladies First
    Nina Sky
    Fred & Roxy
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  9. Honeyz are late 90s, so heaps more I can pluck from that era...

    Buffalo G
    Byker Grooove
    Faith, Hope & Charity
    Girls Talkin'
    Hawk & Wonder
    Kick Angel
    Melodi Brown
    Midi Maxi Efti
    Pleasure Deluxe
    Rhythm Reign
    Smoke 2 Seven
    West End
    West End Girls (not the PSB tribute duo)
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  10. I own all of these. Frank's is obviously the best but I really love the Precious album. Heaven With You, Much Too Late, and Stand Up are massive bops that stand well next to the fantastic singles. How Rewind wasn't a big hit for them, I'll never know. New Beginning had the strongest b-side, Before Yesterday. Lovely chorus on that one.

    Girl Thing and The 411 have some filler, but are mostly solid as a whole. The Madasun one is definitely average, all very samey. I like Walking on Water and Fine Line quite a bit from it. GT's If That's What it Takes is Britney-lite but amazing, and I love the cheesy Don't Look Down (that took their Spice mimicking to another level)...
    "Let's take it to the bridge"
    "What bridge?"

    Hepburn should work for me but I find the singer's voice so indistinct and the material lacking. I've tracked down half of the b-sides in recent CD single hauls, and those were decent.

    The female Westlife's Bellefire and Wonderland delivered solid albums. I know Bellefire had two, but they come to mind. Say Something Anyway, Nobody Loves Me Like You Do, and Damn are massive girl group bangers. Wonderland's Why Here Why Now is also a huge tune.
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  11. I found the Honeyz a bit drippy so set my sights on Fierce being the successors to Eternal. Vernie said they reminded her of Eternal when they were starting out. The singles were decent but never scaled Eternal-esque heights in quality and they only managed to get one album out.
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  12. Never checked out Fierce beyond Sweet Love 2K. Anything else that good?
  13. They were quite promising! I have the You Made Your Bed promo single (4 2Nite is such a tune) but kick myself for not buying the self released EP at the time. I was a poor student! Lingerie, Colour Me Dirty, Keep Up The Attraction, Memories, their Silence cover - all great songs. Wish an album got released.

    I also consider Clea a guilty pleasure. I like both incarnations, the edgy/serious Identity Crisis and party pop of Trinity. Keep It Cool, I Surrender, and b-side Romeo all had many plays back in 2007 from me!
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  14. Oh, I rather liked Bellefire...for some reason I didn't think of them!

    I've got the Wonderland CD somewhere, but couldn't remember what year that was...thought it might be 2010s...and therefore not from the era you were thinking of.
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  15. The singles were all fine. 'Dayz Like That' was very good. 'Right Here Right Now' and 'So Long So Gone' also had their charms. The album was slightly less good variations on the theme.
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  16. Now I've been reminded of Bellefire, what about The Alice Band? They had some great singles and the album was pretty good too. Also Songbirds (?), another mid-00s female band that were more in the faux-country-pop genre.
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  17. I'm looking for ones who released full albums really. More girl groups than duos or spin offs from other bands (Appleton / Barbarellas). Thanks though.
  18. I remember being so, so excited for the 411's album. Surely after three killer singles, it couldn't be anything other than brilliant.

    Guess again.
  19. Loads of those did, and aren't spin-offs. I love the Faders album. Clea's debut is nice too (Stuck In The Middle is better than any of Girls Aloud's ballads - they're the Girls Aloud rejects from Popstars: The Rivals). I say debut because they lost a member and re-released it with new songs, so there's two versions of that. Wonderland, N-Tyce, Tymes4, Parade (a released one and then unreleased second one!), Fierce - all had full albums. Most of the others had promo samplers and 10+ tracks released, so we're not talking one-off singles (except Fred & Roxy).

    I wont list too many more, but I have thousands of girl group albums - I just keep thinking of more! A final few with full pop albums, more than two members and released in the 00s (very specific criteria, BTW!) - Nylon (supported Westlife & Girls Aloud) and Mrs Robinson (had a TV show on ITV1 following them around as they tried to break into the industry - decent album!). The three flop albums released by Sirens are great too (2004, 2008, 2011). I'd start with their last, Opium Apathy. Don't Let Go, Good Enough and Stilettos are great singles, and album tracks like I Couldn't Luv U make me weep for their failure. Better than All Saints second album. That one would be my ultimate "WTF?" as to it's failure to launch. I think you've overrated the albums you started the thread with, so we've perhaps got very different pallets! Hey, I tried.
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  20. I'd add Cleopatra their debut album is really strong especially the singles
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