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One Album Wonders (Girl Groups of the Noughties)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by spillett, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Rough Enough made it to #57 in @DJHazey's rate of flop girl groups. I'd never heard of them before so they were a pleasant discovery.
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  2. I found the album dull
  3. Stay did get to 19 on the charts and sweet funky thing was promoted as was just a step from heaven and it was remixed for the us market and the 3rd album was going to get released with 4 tracks that were not on our version Dreams being one of them and a video was done it was done by Cameron Casey
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  4. Which version?
  5. The 2nd

  6. This is such a great track. They never did get an album out did they? I’m pretty sure one of them ended up writing for other artists such as Sugababes.

    Another great track. They did have an album, which I own, but I can’t remember the other tracks. I think I used to just play this track on repeat.
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  7. Sirens had two albums I think. I'm sure I had both of them.
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  8. Oh wow, you’re right! They even had a third album apparently
    I don’t even remember them having another single after Baby.
  9. Just discovered this band, they're a dutch girl band called Dignity mainly a nice r&b group

    Eurovision star Edsilia Rombley was originally the 4th member but left after their debut single was released for a solo career..

    Anyone remember this group?
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  10. Never heard of them but right up my alley.
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  11. I really loved NG3's "The Anthem" song, but there other singles are just not on par with The Anthem, sadly. These ladies though, they surely had loads of talent and amazing potential! I didn't know that NG3 were from Sweden, that's pretty cool! Also, this retro Cheiron sound that you speak of sounds intriguing to me! I'd like to hear more of it with other equally talented female singers!
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  12. We’re Sister2Sister 2000s?
  13. I loved NG3! Glad somebody out there remembers them! Still play their album pretty often, Holler is such a fun track....i still snigger childishly at the "hey boy dont be silly, put a condom on your willy" lyric.
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  14. They didn't release an album, but I just came across this video on youtube, I had never heard of them before.
  15. Yep, three albums, completing their record deal. The third album is wall to wall pop bangers. I was a big fan which led to me doing online promo for them and they were genuinely the nicest girls, they've all settled down now.
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  16. Wishing I had entered this version into PJ00s a few rounds back...
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  17. Plus emi went bust in the us
  18. Post-Lilli & Susie, pre-Lucky Twice

  19. Eternal were never cheesy
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  20. Clea's Stuck in the Middle is quite amazing, to be honest. I should probably listen to Identity Crisis.

    I need to listen to The 411 album and I want to listen to Bardot's second album but it's hard to find online.

    Also, Frank's I'm Not Shy is my thot anthem.
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