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One Album Wonders (Girl Groups of the Noughties)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by spillett, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Clea had 2 albums!
  2. Does the talented Jenny Frost even have vocals in the Precious album?
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  3. She definitely has leads on a couple of songs, I think one of them is I Count the Minutes (which is a bop)
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  4. This sounds like a warning.
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  5. Don't do Queen Frost like that.
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  6. I stan her complete makeover for Atomic Kitten. New hair and a new nose. When will Ashlee Simpson?
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  7. Precious were built around the lead singer (who was the daughter of a famous TV presenter) so there always was tension - added to the flops.
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  8. Who was the lead singer?
  9. Louise
  10. Odd that the Girl Thing album was taken down from USA iTunes.
  11. This thread as lead me to bloating my Spotify library even more than it was before, haha. I've had to resort to saving playlists because I've exceeded my saved album's limit. Look forward to listening to some of these suggestions and discovering something new.
  12. So going over this thread, could somebody possibly give their top 3 obscure girl group albums we should all look out for?
  13. I'm not sure if this group was mentioned or not but anyone I'd likw to add Truce the line-up

    They released their debut Nothin But The Truce in 95. I think They were supposed to release a follow-up but never happened. They did drop this bop before disbanding
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  14. So after reading the last page or two here I looked up the Precious album on Deezer and Spotify. Rewind should be track one, but it’s not there. Instead there’s a track called Stay, which Spotify say is by Eternal. Strange! Is it just a record company error?
  15. They never even got an album but I've always loved this basic bop:

    They performed at my uni when they launched and one of them absolutely loved that I knew every word to that song.

    Nicola Ward, who was nearly in Girls Aloud, was in Cookie but left that group before they released 'Do It Again'. It sounds like a watered down 'Sound of the Underground' as well so the tenuous link is legit.
  16. Yes. It’s a very odd mistake!

    The full Rewind single is on Spotify, though, so you can still listen to the song. Your best bet is to make a playlist with the correct track listing.
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  17. There were another few leaked tracks that make up a cute EP though.
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  18. Listening to the Precious album, I saw the Rewind artwork and remember having the single on CD back when it was released. I find the album just ok, it's a little middling overall, and don't like Rewind as much as I remember liking it when it was released. I Count The Minutes and Say It Again are very catchy.
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  19. Rewind, New Beginning, Say It Again, Stand Up, Heaven With You, and Much Too Late are girl group anthems! I love that Precious album.
  20. Made in London's Dirty Water is very good.

    Bardot's I Need Somebody is such a bop. It's very proto-Atomic Kitten.

    I really like The 411 album. A bit same-y but it's well done overall. It's a shame they flopped, the album showed a lot of promise.
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