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One Album Wonders (Girl Groups of the Noughties)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 5343, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. I believe that was Suzie.
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  2. Yes, I could picture her but not name her!

    Obviously it must have annoyed her - she never came back in subsequent series...
  3. Why did Bardot split? I think I read that a lot of people blamed Sophie but what was the actual reason?
  4. It's a shame. I think The 411 had so much potential.

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  5. From memory it was both Sally and Sophie who wanted out. Seems like such a shame because they were only getting stronger and better as a group and had begun to promote in Asia and UK.

    The second album had quite a few bangers, I Need Somebody, ASAP, Don’t Call Me I’ll Call You, Play It Like That etc
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  6. And they were rubbish.
  7. They were actually gaining credibility in Australia. They could've easily had a pretty successful third album era.
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  8. Just discovered this girl group, they came out in the late 90's early 00's and were signed on Motown. They were called Forshe

    Their best song is this funkadelic bop here called Dog Food which features none other than George Clinton himself

    They released on album entitled (ironically) Virginity
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  9. What did the Honeyz have gave them more success compared to N-Tyce and Fierce?
  10. Naima.
  11. Not on Spotify sadly.
  12. Talent always wins.
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  13. Alot of it is to do with timing N Tyce were competing with Spice Girls & All Saints in their peak
  14. Dayz Like That should have been number 1 for weeks.
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  15. You can draw your own conclusions from this...

  16. Couldn’t find a thread for these girls, but I was shocked to see they released a Christmas EP this year! I can’t find their social media, but I’m hoping they plan to release more material:
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  17. Surprised this group hasn't been mentioned not sure if they had any success outside of the Nerthlands but they dersve a mention and Eva Simmons was apart of this group they're called Raffish they were created on the Dutch version of Popstars: The Rivals

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  18. At the time of their split, Bardot were riding high on a lot of success within Australia, so to many it came as a shock. However, internally plans were already in motion for this to be their final album (which is a huge shame).

    Speaking to Tiffiny at the time, she had noted that her and Belinda desperately wanted the group to remain and had even suggested going on as a duo, but the label were having none of it. Songs had even been recorded and scrapped for the third album, which they found even more frustrating, as the management knew it was the end and was setting up Sophie as the next big thing.

    I don’t think it was all Sophie’s fault, however both her and Sally wanted to exit at the time of Katie’s departure but were told they were needed and a deal was struck with Sophie to stay one more album and in return she would get a solo deal: in her words, they saw her as the dumb sexy one and needed her. Songs for her solo album were recorded alongside the second album in London which frustrated the girls even more.

    It’s a shame a third album never came to fruition as they really were a great girl band building on a lot of success. They were finally losing the popstar stigma and gaining real credibility. The fact they sang live also highlighted how good they truly were and haven’t been rivalled in the Aussie girl band stakes since.

    Tracks such as I Need Somebody, Don’t Call Me, When The Cats Away, Hit and Run, Play It Like That are quality pop songs and only suggest that their sound would have continued to greater things. Working with much more recognised producers truly did give them an advantage and helped in showing their potential.

    A reunion would be incredible but I feel it would never happen, sadly.
  19. Katie did an newspaper interview earlier in the year where she spoke about a potential reunion (great insight on the group’s split as well)

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  20. Wow, I remember reading this and completely forgetting about this piece of information! Upon further digging, Sophie states that the girls were awful to her back then, making her feel stupid and insecure, commenting about her lack of knowledge etc but as always it’s one sided and without context.

    A reunion would be fantastic but I feel they are right, without Sophie it wouldn’t work, especially considering how big she is in Australia now.

    Blasting out Poison, These Day’s and Empty Room and remembering how good they truly were/are!
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