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One Day At A Time (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by irishlamb, Feb 22, 2018.

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    Anyone else watching this??

    That season 2 finale fucked me up! Oh My God!!
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  2. First episode was terrible - the canned laughter, no - and I gave up.
    Should I try again?
  3. One of the best shows on Netflix, as well as TV in general. Took some getting used to the traditional sitcom format, but the stories are SO good and unlike anything else being covered on television. How exciting it is to have a family comedy tackling military PTSD, homosexuality, gentrification, immigration, race relations, and life as a single parent. Also, Rita and Justina are giving Emmy-worthy performances. It's such an easy-to-binge show, and while I do find some of the '4 cam sitcom tropes' annoyingly cheesy, it is one of the most 'comfort food' programs currently airing.
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  4. I hope you will! It gets better as it goes on, season 2 is a huge improvement on the already great season 1.

    I was in floods of tears watching the Season 2 finale. I wasn’t expecting to be but it just hit me so hard. One of the best episodes of a sitcom I’ve seen in a very long time.
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  5. I love this show, it's so good. Sometimes they go for really obvious jokes that the canned laughter backs up but it's so good aside from that.
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  6. I loved this show from the first episode. I just binge watched it all in two days andI really hope it gets a third season. It’s so inclusive. The season two finale hit me so hard given my grandma’s recent passing in January.
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  7. Renewed for Season 3 today. Praise be!
  8. I was so happy to read about the renewing after I got off work.
  9. I was hearing otherwise for a minute, but this completely made my day.
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  10. That season 2 finale almost situation had me.
  11. I wasn't sure either but I'm so relieved that they're making another season.
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  12. Uno


    I just started season 2 and this show continues to surprised me with the topics they cover. They handle them all so perfectly, and I like that it's not always wrapped in a perfect little bow at the end of each episode (ie: her father not accepting her as a lesbian and leaving her in tears in front of everyone at her quinceanera).

    The sitcom tropes (canned laughter/ obvious set up jokes, etc) make it kind of hard for me to binge because it gets a little silly, so I take a break between every few episodes but I always love coming back to it when I do.
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  13. Right, I'm giving this a go then.
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  14. I kind of fell asleep watching episode one. Does it get any better?
  15. YES! It's so short, lighthearted, energetic, and funny...I don't know how one could get bored.
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  16. To be fair I was really tired...
  17. I remember trying to watch it when season 1 came out. I watched 10 mins of the pilot, and gave up.

    A year later when season 2 came out and the reviews were all so glowing, I decided to give it another shot. I started with season 2, and what a show. It's fantastic the way they deal with all sorts of issues: from ptsd, lgbtq equality, depression, xenophobia, ageism, etc, etc, etc.

    My recommendation would be to start with season 2. Season 1 is very good, but they definitely found their stride on the second one.
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  18. Okay.

    Well I've watched 2 episodes of season one and I haven't laughed once. No joke. I'll keep trying through.
  19. pdf


    well.... it's definitely a very old fashioned kinda sitcom (despite the issues they cover) so it may not be your cup of tea.
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  20. I'll give it another episode but yeah, it just seems very basic and not very funny to me.
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