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One Direction - FOUR

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Mushroom, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Fresh from outselling all of your faves in the space of five weeks, One Direction are set to release the follow-up to 2013's 'Midnight Memories' later this year. That's right, Popjustice! Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall and the other one have been hard at work on their as-yet-untitled forth record in as many years, working with the likes of Pharrell (*eye roll*), The 1975, Good Charlotte, Naughty Boy, Ed Sheeran, McFly and Ryan Tedder.

    Liam Payne recently had the following to say:

    (One for the #STRAIGHTLADSOFPOPJUSTUCE, it appears.)

    I'm ready.
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  2. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    I'm a straight lad of pop justice and liked most of their music befor this. Hoping its a great album and still want some pop ala 'Stole your heart' or 'They don't know about us'. Doubt it will happen though.
  3. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    I am excited. 'Take Me Home' is a classic with only ONE less than great track across all the editions ('Live While We're Young'), and the other albums have their fair share of gems. The lead better be another Best Song Ever-level gem.
  4. KAG


    Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    It's so funny how I've all of a sudden become a One Direction fan. This time last year, I couldn't give a fuck about them and now I can't stop listening to their music/watching their interviews. I thought the first half of Midnight Memories was really strong, however the other half was such a chore to get through. I think the problem with their albums are that they're too long. Hopefully we get a nice 11-12 track album this time around. All killer no filler.

    I'm intrigued by The 1975 and Naughty Boy collaborations.
  5. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    Take Me Home is still a flawless pop album. Midnight Memories was still great though, especially given it was most of the tracks were penned by Liam and Louis instead of professional hitmakers.

    I'm not sure what direction they should take for this though. I just don't want another 'Midnight Memories' fiasco [the song], where they desperately try and release a track which is 'edgier' in an attempt tap into new audiences (who regardless of how good the song is, wouldn't ever buy a One Direction album).
  6. KAG


    Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    I wouldn't want a full-on R&B album but Zayn and Liam would sound GLORIOUS singing that type of music. I also hope Louis is singing less on this album. I could really do without his croaky "voice".
  7. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    I am not a tween (way older) and not a girl, but I really enjoy their music. I find their music surprisingly mature. I would love to see them in concert but would probably creep out the tweens. I don't fancy them in any way but just enjoy well made pop music.

    I wonder if they will go the way of more "Story of My Life"-type songs since that seemed to be a smash, particularly in America.
  8. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    I must say Story of My Life and You & I and some of the best songs they've put their name to. Brilliant songs. But for their next album I want more faux rock #bangerz and less ballads. There were far too many on Midnight Memories. Two or three would've been more than enough.
  9. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    Here for another Save You Tonight, Same Mistakes or Taken. If there's nothing like that I'm not interested.
  10. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    Something like the 1975, or Ed Sheeran's Sing with a bit of rocky funk about it would be very interesting.
  11. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    If I'm honest, none of the collaborators on that list particularly thrill me (least of all Pharrell, Ed Sheeran and McFly) and 'Midnight Memories' was a painfully average record. That said, their three records this far have followed a pretty strict formula singles-wise (uptempo-ballad-uptempo) and for every 'Little Things' / 'Gotta Be You' there's always a 'Best Song Ever'/'What Makes You Beautiful'/'Kiss You'.
  12. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    I Would was a McFly collab and that's a great song, and I think a 1975/1D track has potential, as could, maybe, Good Charlotte? I Don't Wanna Be In Love was a jam. But I am not here for Pharrell and One Direction... I feel like Rami and Carl Falk get the best out of them, and maybe Julian Bunetta.
  13. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    All I basically want is a first single that doesn't sound like a rewrite of the last, and an amazing, classic sounding piano ballad about something other than lovey-doveyness and I'll be happy.
  14. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    Emeli Sandé also wrote a song with Naughty Boy and Zayn.
  15. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    I'd love them to do something like Chocolate.
  16. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    Oh god, this is going to be their attempt at being 'mature and credible' isn't it? The title track from their last album was a bad enough go at that, so this doesn't sound good. The only collaboration from that list that sounds interesting to me is the 1975.
  17. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    I seem to like them more and more with each album, so I kinda can't wait for this one!
  18. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    Bring it on, I say. Just hoping it's not dad-rock.
  19. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    I'm particularly interested in seeing what the Madden twins can do with them. Say what you will about Good Charlotte (and you'd probably be right) but they know their way around a pop-rock hook.
  20. Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album

    I'm interested to see what they did with Naughty Boy. Midnight Memories was a poor effort in my opinion so I'm hoping they'll give us something better this time around. They should try going for a shorter album. Less filler would do them great (although that was only really a problem on their last album).
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