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One Direction - Made in the AM (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. The speed of their return will be based on two things

    1. If they actually get on and don't fall out behind the scenes ala Nadine Coyle and the other three.

    2. How well any do solo.
  2. I could see this happening years down the line, actually. Harry strikes me as so far removed from the others (not neccessarily in the sense that they are fighting, but he's got nothing in common with any of them aside from working together) that he might not want to go back even he doesn't smash solo, whereas Zayn might be up for it if he gets more of a say music-wise.

    They've probably made enough money that any sad-hilarious three-or-fewer member-reunions won't happen, though.

    I really don't see 5SOS getting any more popular than they are now. 1D fans who decided to move on from them and onto 5SOS already did so when they properly debuted.
  3. Yeah 5SOS have had no hits from this era and their opening numbers for the 2nd album were down everywhere.
  4. 5SOS is beyond their peak. The 1D fans who haven't already turned to them surely won't do it now. After 1D's mega success, I'm guessing it'll be a few years before we see another major boy band hit it big.
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  5. The Wanted will get their fans.

  6. Am i the only one who think this album is weak?

    Normally i'm all over 1D albums because they are really decent records. The first 4 albums were excellent. This is just too dull for me. Nothing stands out bar the singles. Nothing do with Zayn by the way just the music is a bit 'blah'.

    In order of preference
    Up All Night 9.8
    Take Me Home 9.5
    Four 8.6
    Midnight Memories 8.2
  7. I'm not exactly a big fan, but I do think there's something sad about them taking a break, especially on such a dull and flat note, even if I guess the music isn't close to be as bad as it could be in these situations. They were just such a force to be reckoned with, and a proper phenomenon, you know? It's a very similar sentiment to when the Spice Girls took their break. And I say that without even comparing their respective achievement, the point is beyond that.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure the sentiment will be gone in less than 4 months. But still.
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  8. RJF


    They've never really felt like a big deal to me. I mean, I guess at a push around the time of "Best Song Ever", but outside of that... Meh. It doesn't help that they've been so wretchedly average either. Not the worst, but far from the best.
  9. Did I see right that they have seven editions of the album, just with different artworks? I hate when boybands these days do that. That is just milking out the overly devoted fans who will buy all of them because they are just too pretty to ignore and it is such a cheap trick to have big sales. Don't get me wrong, that isn't the boys fault and I'm not making a dig at them but at this boyband thing that is going on. They are trying hard to get rid of boyband image with having pop rock edgy songs and yet they have this.

    A bit desperate really, older boybands didn't do this. They at least had 2-3 editions with a few more songs sometimes.
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  10. Niall will be presenting kids TV in Ireland, Louis will be a judge on a talent show, Harry will release 1 solo album and then front a band that releases a few singles, and Liam will probably disappear and cause Twitter drama.

    Bookmark me.
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  11. Una's Dream Ticket chais.

    And not you doing Big Payno like that.
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  12. I gave this album a proper listen yesterday and honestly the majority feels like leftover songs from Midnight Memories and Four. It just sounds very lazy and lacks any kind of personality to me.

    Perfect remains flawless though.
  13. This definitely feels like their weakest album, but 'What a Feeling' and 'Love You Goodbye' are highlights aside from the singles.
  14. Incorrect!

    5 HMV slip cases
    5 Target editions (front of booklet instead of slipcase)
    Deluxe Fan Box with 5 Art Cards & wristband

    They did slipcases in HMV for the first 2 albums!
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  15. Finally gave this a listen after a week of fear. It is their weakest album to date for me. Sounds entirely of 'Four' cast-offs, but that doesn't mean it's without its good moments. The singles are fine enough, and Hey Angel, Never Enough, & What A Feeling may be among my favorite 1D tracks to date. I Wrote You A Song, Temporary Fix, Walking In The Wind, Olivia, & End Of The Day are all fine enough, but not the slightest bit memorable. Infinity, History, If I Could Fly, Long Way Down, Love You Goodbye, Wolves, & A.M. all sound like songs they've done before, and done better, and they really make this album a struggle to get through.

    Dream EP would be Drag Me Down, Perfect, Hey Angel, Never Enough, What A Feeling, and I Wrote You A Song. The rest are unnecessary, really.
  16. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Anybody watching the 1D Sessions on Apple Music? They should only do interviews with James Corden; he can get personality from them.
  17. I never listen to ID unless in passing on the radio, TV, whatever.... Am listening to the new album as we speak and got my life to At The End Of The Day and Angel (then Louis' voice came on and I had to resist the urge to turn it off).
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  18. Louis said the break is to begin on New Years day.

    Another two single campaign then. That many studio albums with only 15 singles looks proper half arsed. 1D and Cheryl Cole have a lot in common.
  19. The album was a whimper. Promotional performances have been a whimper. It's better to pack it up ASAP instead of drawing it out. No need to further damage the brand they've created.
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