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One Direction - Made in the AM (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. That didn't apply to Four though. That album had a few more big hits in it.
  2. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if they barely recorded any new material for this album - not only by the drop in quality, but just by looking at the credits. The fact that they basically wrote all of Midnight Memories and Four - yet half the songs here were either co-written by only one of the band, with the other half just being purchased from other professional songwriters. I doubt the label will have many costs to recoup, but it almost makes the whole album seem like a waste of time to drop it then disappear indefinitely a month later.
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  3. What's odd is that they actually spent time in a studio for a couple weeks for this album. Yet it doesn't sound any better than FOUR (which in my opinion is their best sounding album).

    What really gets me is the lazy vocal production on some tracks. In two instances you can hear Niall sing his verse differently. I can tell they used two different takes. (Infinity and A.M.)
  4. Probably doing Zayn's bits.
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  5. This isn't really true though.

    On Midnight Memories band members were credited on 15 of 18 tracks
    On Four it was 12 of 16 tracks
    On Made in the AM it's 13 of 17 tracks

    And it's always been just co-writes and usually one or two members.
  6. End Of The Day sounds like the chorus and verses were originally from different songs. A Biology oolong.
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  7. More 'Long Hot Summer alternate version' teas as this does not work.
  8. A History x Whole Lotta History mash-up has to happen. It'd totally work.
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  9. Is he? It's always ambiguous how much money former boyband members actually walk away with.
  10. Those covers really saved this album's sales.

    Apparently this was the breakdown:
    170,000 - Digital Preorders
    20,000 - Digital copies sold in total on Friday - Sunday
    19,000 - Physical copies sold at Walmart on Friday - Sunday
    81,000 - Physical copies sold at Target on Friday - Sunday

    It apparently sold roughly 125k-135k in digital+physical throughout the rest of the week.
  11. Interesting info. Like I said, it is a bit weak that they had to rely on this to assure big sales. This became a trend for boybands nowadays which is a chip trick - be big enough and play fair relaying on your material and not how pretty you look on your album cover or slipcase.
  12. Damn, I guess Beiber really did deserve to get #1.
  13. I knew Louis can't pull off that long note in Love You Goodbye:

    Studio makes wonders... Its ridiculous how the fans are fangirling over that note, it isn't not that high and it is just a bit long. Its not impressive at all but I guess for his standards it is...
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  14. ^Is Harry still sick or has he just ruined his voice?

    I like the album - it has some good solid pop songs on it.
  15. KAG


    I've watched some of their recent interviews and Harry is quite funny.

    Interviewer: We have to mention the Z word.
    Harry: ZEBRAS?! Where?
    Interviewer: What was the hardest thing about going from five to four?
    Harry: Probably the paperwork.
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  16. Watching the recent interviews, I find it quite amusing how cold they are towards each other.
  17. What do U mean?
  18. Another performance where Liam really seems to have a clue. How unexpected!
  19. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Which is funny, because some 1D fans are saying Justin only won the US by discounting his album. I find it a little sad that they only won in the UK by about 3000 albums. But at the same time this is a mediocre album so I'm not surprised people outside the fanbase ignored it.
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  20. PoP


    It's your opinion it's a mediocre's not but belittling them obviously makes you happy. Incredible amount for a boyband on their fifth album..typical.thing to do in this country though, Knock anything succesful.

    We could knock Justin about streaming etc etc but why? Good on them both. Massive sales in US for both of them! 2 good albums too.
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