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One Direction - Made in the AM (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Bloody hell.
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  2. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Don't forget the Larries who kept talking about a miscarriage!
  3. Do I really wanna know more about this? I'm scared to probe further.
  4. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    This is an actual tattoo on an actual human being, so I mean.
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  5. It's all very scary, to be honest. I mean:

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  6. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    No, you don't. Be happy you are ignorant and have never heard of Rainbow Bondage Bear.
  7. Lets start the questions.

    Why does Louis look 11 and Why does Harry look like Nigella Lawson with bat wing cleavage cradling a demonic Ron Weasley goatee'd child?
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  8. This is what happens when the music stops! Please don't infect the board with "ships". Leave that shit on Tumblr/Twitter. It's legit embarrassing and not in a funny way.
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  9. It's more insane than sinister.

    "Larries" believe Louis didn't get a girl pregnant and that it's actually a huge PR stunt that is meant to make him more well-known and then to him coming out. Because that makes sense.They liked to speculate how the "fake baby" would be done away with and were hoping for either a paternity denial or a miscarriage. Well, they're still hoping for the former:

    They also believe Louis and Harry are sending them secret messages through pictures of stuffed bears.
  10. I hope that Rainbow Bondage Bear is an old gay crew member having a laugh, but I'm also legitimately scared for the mental health of some of their fans once one of them gets married to a woman or that baby proves to be Louis'.
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  11. Teenagers are creative minds shocker.
    Let the kids dream their gay scenarios, it isn't hurting anyone.
  12. It's actually mostly straight girls who also love the Supernatural fandom and a huge part of it plays into the fetishization of gay men, which is no different than the constant leer and objectification of lesbian women by straight men.

    If some little gay teen wants to think Louis and Harry (or any other member) are together cause it makes them happy, good for them, but some straight women wanting masturbation material can burn in the flames this band has gone down in.
  13. Straight girls accepting gay couples (even under questionable terms) is fine by me.
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  14. What kind of intersectional stanning.
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  15. There's never been any correlation that shows wanting to touch yourself thinking about a certain group of people means you've grown to accept them and understand the oppression they face. You just have to look at the Zayn thread to see that wanting to be rawed by someone doesn't mean you've suddenly become free of your prejudices about them. Though, to be fair, being fetishized is usually better than being murdered, I guess.
  16. You're doing too much. We take anything we can get. If one straight girl looks at gay couples and adoption in a better light through these silly 1D fanfics, it's a good thing. We can't be selective. Not all minds are open and accepting - if it takes an unorthodox way for that to happen, I say it's welcome.
  17. You're doing too much too. A 2010 boyband's management leaking fake rumours of members being a couple because 2 Take That fans in the 90s bought two copies of Never Forget after being told in P.E. that Robbie and Jason liked Kylie.

  18. Maybe it's a generational thing (this isn't shade, I swear, you're amazing). I just can't find ways to view it as positive when most examples I see are homophobic microaggressions ("Harry is OBVIOUSLY gay! Look at the silk shirts he wears! Look at his long hair! He just screams he likes dick!" his stans scream, while also claiming his skinny jeans and floral tops are ~breaking gender roles~). I can respect people wanting to view it through a positive lens. I just can't. It's weird and creepy and predatory in my eyes.

    Also, he's officially confirmed it is his child, so I'm expecting mass breakdowns and suicide threats across all of Twitter and Tumblr today.
  19. Hen, let's no pretend you haven't fetishised Zayn by deciding he's been the only ever worthwhile member (before any solo music is released, lest we forget) purely because of his ethnicity and religious background. Instead of doing it because on how much you wanna ride him it's done for the sake of identity politics posturing, if not an overt orientalist gaze. So congrats for that. But it's no less patronising.
  20. That feels more like you're bothered by people who prefer him for his taste that varies from the other 4 and you finding that unwarranted and baseless, and not it actually being unwarranted or baseless of a preference. If he's the only one who has tried to shoot down the folky awful music of their last three albums, then yes, he very much indeed is the only one worthwhile. Harry, Liam and Louis are trash. Niall though is harmless and alright, and could be interesting, but I think he's already vanished to Australia to hide for 12 months and we won't be getting anything from him.

    Can we also not do this ~recognizing people's experiences with marginalization and treating them special is insulting and infantizing and YOU'RE the actual only one focusing on race/gender/sex~ thing either? I also think straight female pop stars are more innately interesting than straight dudes and Olly Alexander is the most interesting male pop star explicitly because he likes fucking dudes.

    Thinking Zayn can offer more than the others cause his taste in music is better and already is more willing to offer opinions despite backlash with his Palestine support is different than people claiming he's vile / awful / boring / talentless / obnoxious / spoiled / immature (funny how being excited for him with no music yet is ridiculous, but character assassination based on no music either is fine) but reiterating they'd still let him BB them.
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