One Direction - Up All Night (Album)

Top 3

1. Tell Me A Lie
2. Stole My Heart
3. More Than This or I Want or Taken

With all this touring, I wonder when they will start the second era.


I can see a second album coming up early 2013, or maybe late 2012 in the UK. This era might get a little longer.
I wouldn't be surprised if they went back into the studio during summer and churned out another album by late fall/early winter.

My top 3 are:
Save You Tonight
Tell Me A Lie
Same Mistakes

Lyrically, Same Mistakes has a maturity to it that was genuinely surprising to hear on the album. It speaks to the kind of revelation about relationships that many adults haven't reached yet, much less teenagers.


1. Stole My Heart
2. Stole My Heart
3. Stole My Heart
4. Only Girl (In The World)*

popknark said:
1. Stole My Heart
2. Stole My Heart
3. Stole My Heart
4. Only Girl (In The World)*


Yep I loved their version of the song, also Torn. I'm actually gutted they never made a bonus track or even a b-side!
1. Moments
2. More Than This
3. I Want

I try to forget any of their X-Factor performances happened (though Torn was far and away the best).
1. Tell Me A Lie (I'm surprised in most of the tops here the song is there, so please NEXT SINGLE!)
2. Everything About You
3. Moments or Save You Tonight
I wonder how long they will actually stay together. I can see one of them getting tired of the whole teen thing in a few years, Louis is already 20, but I cant see him wanting to pack it in ever, getting big bucks for something your not really good at must be good!:P I'll be first in the queue when there looking for replacements! Haha
Shychild90 said:
Macsun said:
I can't see them continuing on if a member left.

Neither do I. I don't think they would do a Westlife and carry on as a four piece.
I give them a 2-3 year as a group. Then the solo projects will start.

Off topic, how sweet is Zayn's milf mum?

I don't really see that working for many of them though, only Harry, Zayn and maybe Liam. I couldn't see Niall being successful and Louis can't sing so that wouldn't work!:P Theres a reason they were put in a group, theres something there but not everything. Saying that we always thought it would be Nadine who would be the solo success, look how that turned out.
Apparently 1D's Pre-Sales only allotted 10% of tickets for each venue BUT LiveNation said on Facebook the amount of pressure put onto their servers, both on VIPNation and Ticketmaster were so overwhelming, they expect the whole tour to sell out in under 2 minutes tomorrow morning.

I got tickets this morning as part of a presale, but I am trying tomorrow for better tickets. This is going to be nutso and my friends were like "Are they really that big?"
popknark said:
Shychild90 said:
JadeFan said:
Zayn is half-caste? That explains the cultural dissent.

Yep! Half Pakistani, half White.
When I first saw on the XF I thought he was Arab or something.

Well, Half Pakistani = Half Arab.

What on earth is going on here?

Pakistani people are not Arabic; half-caste is an outdated term in the UK (anyone who has done an English Literature GCSE in the last ten years will have read the poem); and I don't even want to know what 'cultural dissent' is supposed to refer to.