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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by jsd, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. jsd


    I wish One Dove would get back together. One album and a bunch of singles and they were done, but I just listened to it again and man, what a beautiful noise.

    Dot Allison's solo stuff was pretty good too. What's she up to these days?
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  2. I have some unreleased One Dove material... including the finished 2nd One Dove album! This is quite similar in vibe to 'Morning Dove White' (one of my favourite albums of all time) but isn't as strong;

    01 Bubble Funk
    02 Untouched (Dot Of The Jungle Version)
    03 Stay (With Beats)
    04 Perfect World
    05 Fight Or Flight
    06 What Can You Do To me Now?
    07 I Hate The Sun
    08 Sister
    09 Stay (Beatless)
    10 Untouched

    I also have the following songs, also thought to be from 2nd album sessions, but it's unclear just what these are or which came first... my guess is they scraped some material at some point in favour of newer stuff before giving up totally. These tracks probably came later as they're very dark and Massive Attack-y in places...

    01 Columbe Nero
    02 Spunk Dreams (Edit)
    03 If He Knew
    04 Ice Skating On The Sun
    05 Swampman's Revenge
    06 Dark Snow And Norway
    07 Evil Angel
    08 From Nothing To Nowhere
    09 Spunk Dreams (Extended Version)
    10 Evil Angel (Alternate Version)
    11 From Nothing To Nowhere (Vocal Version)
    12 Kill Time
    13 Camp Freddy's Lament
    14 Mr. Davis In Spain

    And there's been a few Dot Allison threads over the years, here's last years;

    Plus, there's a nice fansite here -
  3. I'm with you on One Dove- but always thought maybe it was Andy Weatherall's production that made it so good?

    She released a solo album last year Room 7½, and tours with Pete Doherty a lot.

    she's on twitter- apparently she has to do night work-cleaning to make ends meet

    Everyone needs to buy more Dot records!

    anfunny2003, is the 2nd slbum stuff available for download anywhere?
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  4. Ok, I just discovered this ....

    Can anyone tell me which mix this this and if it's available on cd/digitally?

    if I like like (LOVE!) that track will I enjoy the album?

    Andy Weatherall... have we ever had a thread for this genius?
  5. That's basically the album version, but it's almost a minute longer. To be specific, it's the Nancy And Lee Mix from the original 12"-only A-side. Never released digitally/on CD, but as I say, the album version is near-identical. The album is genius... it's in my top 50 albums of all time. It's all like that, blissed out, ambient, breathless, dubby gorgeousness. Imagine Saint Etienne doing Screamadelica. Dot's debut solo album is also great, but less so with subsequent releases. If you're going to buy the album, consider getting the three CD singles too - the mixes are brilliant, and there's one exclusive B-side, plus a Dolly Parton cover, and a secret track, on the final single.
  6. I got really excited when I saw this thread was back and thought there was news...
    Hope Dot comes back to music one day.
    I was actually listening to her first solo album yesterday, it's still sublime.
  7. Thanks anfunny, how on earth I managed to miss these lot I do not know, I love this kind of E'd up baggy blissed out business. I'll probably be happy with the album version then if it's almost the same, I try and avoid vinyl where i can nowadays, too much of a ball-ache. you know if these alt versions of fallen have ever been on cd? I need em!

    Must check out the Dot solo effort next!
  8. Dots solo albums:
    1 Afterglow 1999, 5 stars
    2 We Are Science 2002, 3.5 stars
    3 Exaltation Of Larks 2007, 5 stars
    4 Room 7 1/2 2009, 4 stars
    5 Pioneers 2012, 4 stars

    There was also an Acoustic album only sold at gigs, which I have never heard or found anywhere.
    And the last thing she did was some soundtrack stuff (Triangle, Black Death)
    Also she sang on the track "Bull" on the Scott Walker + Sun O))) album.
  9. Yes...

    This 12" was also released digitally...

    ...under the name Dove;
  10. Thanks!

    I'm going to try and delve into Weatheralls back cat. next I think, it's well overdue.
  11. Do I Imagine You? on Afterglow is VERY special ... But then, so is the rest of the album ... Is it better then Morning Dove White?
  12. I am so late to this conversation. :D

    I'm a huge One Dove fan and I've never heard of most of these tracks! I have the ones up on One Dove's Soundcloud page, and a couple like Camp Freddy's Lament that were released on compilations, but the rest are new to me. Is there anywhere you know of that I can get them?
  13. Just found these while randomly searching Spotify.
    2 new Dot Allison songs on an album by The Flight released in late 2020.
    I would love a new solo album from her.

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  15. I *love* her We Are Science album. It was released at the right time when electoclash was the new thing.

    I also have a few albums by electronic band Slam that she contributes vocals too.

    • "Visions" co-written with Slam on album Alien Radio (2002)
    • "Kill The Pain" co-written with Slam on album Year Zero (2005)
    • "We Medicate" co-written with Slam on album Human Response (2007)
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  16. I got into her with the We Are Science album and that tour.
    Then I got to see her perform with Massive Attack on the 100th Window tour.
    But I do love her later folky albums and I think the new album is more of that style.
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  17. The new Dot Allison song is really lovey.

  18. New Dot Allison album out today, listening now and it's really beautiful.

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