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One Girl's ƎVO⅃UTION - Sabrina Carpenter Discography Rate - THE END HAS COME! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Music Is Life, Apr 23, 2019.


Favorite Sabrina Album

  1. Eyes Wide Open

    2 vote(s)

    8 vote(s)
  3. Singular: Act I

    10 vote(s)
  1. CONGRATS! You're fake copy of Singular Act II will be shipped on the release date.

    #47 - Seamless: 5.39
    Seamless Single Cover.jpg

    Highest: 1x10 (@pop3blow2)1x8 (Me)
    Lowest: 1x0 (@Ana Raquel) 2x3 (@OspreyQueen @Lila)
    My Score: 8
    Favorite Lyric: We're partners in crime. You're stuck with me your whole life.
    (This just makes me think of my best friend, it's definitely us.)

    A lot of you were not nice to this one. Most of the scores were in the 4-7 range and that really brought this down. Honestly, I'm not too upset about it, but I do think it's better than a couple other songs left. I love the lyrics, because as I pointed out, this makes me think of my best friend, and the only friend I had for a long time. We're both suckers for cutesy friend songs (Miley's/Hannah's song True Friend is one of our faves) so I think she'd love this. I have to play it for her. But it is a little beige, which is why I gave it an 8. It does kinda make me think of Taylor circa her debut, which might be another reason why I enjoy it.

    Let's start with the haters again, shall we? @Ana Raquel (0) didn't send in commentary for this, so let's go to @OspreyQueen (3) Yeahhh, I really don’t like this one. It’s cliched, cheesy and dull. Cliche and cheesy is right up my alley. I'll give you dull though. Just barely. @livefrommelbs (5) A bit middle-of-the-road for me, sorry! I mean, I get it, that's your opinion, you don't need to apologize. Thank you, though. @iheartpoptarts (5) It’s all a bit background music to shop at Anthropologie to but there are some cute melodies in this one. I've never heard of that place, so I have no idea how to dispute this. @DJHazey (6) More like 'hook-less', she sounds disinterested at times which is basically me listening to it. We're hearing two completely different things here.

    @savilizabeths (5.5) even though you score isn't that high, your commentary is pretty positive, which I enjoyed: The production on this is absolutely adorable, and the sentiment is as well. I will always put this on cheesy playlists I make for my best friends, but when scoring it…I just can’t justify scoring it above a 5.5. It’s cute, but tends to dip into less than stellar lyrics. Honestly, it gets that extra half point because of how pretty both her vocals and the instrumental are. I mean, yeah, it's cute and pretty, and I can understand why you can't go any higher. Now let's close out with poor @pop3blow2 (10) who has been having a seriously tough time here: This is the style of Sabrina I am here for. I love that jaunty, quirky ‘(S)Tay-(S)Tay-(S)Tay’-ish thing, but not all artists can pull it off. (It’s questionable whether even Taylor always pulled it off.) She does though. Her voice is radio friendly, but also has some weird quirks to pull of doing this style well. It is very Stay Stay Stay, only more mellow, which might be why I really enjoy it, and why a lot of people didn't. And I feel like Taylor always does (except for on ME!).

    What is wrong with you? (JK love you, but honestly that's a serious 11/10.)
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  2. I bet you loved the comment I sent for it though. *wink*
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  3. Lowkey I kinda did, but it doesn't mean I won't drag you when the time comes.
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  4. Eventually I'll not be high scorer on an elimin... but if we continue to lose Eyes Wide Open songs & Disney Channel songs that could be awhile.
  5. I'll be low scorer on a few Singular Act I tracks because I feel like those are unfortunately going to hang on for a while.

    We not better lose something like Can't Blame a Girl For Trying (called for above) anytime soon or the better debut tracks, or definitely the best Disney tracks.
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  6. I don't wanna say too much, but I will say that some choices have been made regarding the order here.
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  7. Like this. It sounds exactly like this.

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  8. Okay I can't dispute that.
  9. I'm just out of frame in that picture Shazaming songs like 'Seamless' to know who sings them. I'm hopeless. My years of working in a department store probably did psychological damage to my taste... (as I learn the more & more I participate in PJ stuff, ha!)
  10. Calls for Can't Blame a Girl for Trying already, Eyes Wide Open is going to be done dirty here. Especially as Seamless, easily one of it's better tracks being out so early. Some of those Act 1 tracks better start dropping soon.
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  11. Here's more tea for y'all: we don't touch another album until top 40.
    Also, thanks to @berserkboi for flooding me with likes. I wish I had known you were interested.
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  12. Just supporting your great write-ups is all :)
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  13. Awwwww thanks! I try.
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  14. I did say only slightly
    #46 - Smile: 5.46
    Smile Single Cover.jpg

    Highest: 1x8.5 (@pop3blow2) 1x8 (@DJHazey)
    Lowest: 2x1 (@savilizabeths @iheartpoptarts) 1x3 (@Lila)
    My Score: 7.5
    Favorite Lyric: It's always worse in your head.
    (This is just truth. I especially have a tendency to build things up in my head.)

    Smile was Sabrina's contribution to the Disney Fairies: Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust compilation CD. It also has songs by Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Bridgit Mendler, The McCLain Sisters, and more. I mean the talent here. Now I'm not gonna lie, I love the Disney Fairies movies. They're really good. I will say Smile is one of the lesser songs I've heard from the movies, but it bops. The lyrics are extremely cheesy but sometimes that's something I need. I struggle with mental health issues and there are some days where it's really bad. On those days, I need to be reminded there's a lot of good in life, and music - songs like Smile - help with that. But I couldn't go higher than a 7.5 partly cause I really do find the production to be way too loud and almost drowning her out. And it really bothers me. I probably scored this on one of my better days - which thankfully happen more often than not - cause if I needed the message it would have been higher no matter what the production is. And I have to say though, I love the bridge, especially with the "smile" shouts. It always makes me smile, and bop, and shout with them.

    This is the first time @DJHazey (8) has been a high scorer so let's see what he had to say: I guess I was robbed by not having this in the Disney soundtracks rate. I'm assuming it was originally on one of the films based on the album it belongs to? Cute little bop that fits more into my Disney-pop tastes. That was a thing that happened? I can't believe I missed it. And no, actually it wasn't in one of those movies, as far as I can tell. It's just on the CD. Although I haven't watched Secret Of The Wings (the one released that year) in a while so I may have to get back to you. @pop3blow2 (8.5) said This song has a surprising amount of ‘oomph’ to it. Yeah I guess it does. Lots of loud oomph. @OspreyQueen (7) gave us Surprisingly decent for a track on an album called “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust”. The lyrics are banal as shit, but other than that it’s a cute bop. I'm not kidding, the album slaps. And the lyrics could be worse.

    @livefrommelbs (5.5) An Eyes Wide Open reject becoming Tinkerbell's feel-good anthem? When will your faves? I get the comparison, but this came out three years before that album. And no other faves could ever.
    @Lila (3) These teeny bopper songs are really not for me, sorry. It's fine, I understand, but I hope you were expecting at least a few songs like this. @savilizabeths (1)This is everything I don’t love about a Disney song. Mediocre lyrics with kinda a soulless feel to it. But hey, it’s a kids song and it’s fine as that. I don’t know why but I really don’t like the “you smile, I smile, we smile” bit. Plus, that bridge is just……no, thanks. I love you and you're entitled to you're wrong opinion. I already explained why I love the bridge. I'm happy you get it's a kid's song though. And we're going to close out with @iheartpoptarts (1) again, cause she has perfect commentary: Either this was put up on Spotify in garbage quality or the whole production is a mess. On the bright side, it’s nice that Disney Fairies is a thing. Yeah, that's just the song. And seriously, I think you would love the movies if you haven't watched them already.

    (Sorry if I forgot anyone, I did this on my phone.)
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  15. High scorer streak for Sabrina is still alive! (Who knew?)

  16. Tinkerbell is such a Disney icon. And totally on my Halloween to-do list.
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  17. OOPS. Remind me to do my research first next time, ha!
  18. I love that you're celebrating this, and the fact that there's a "Keep Calm & Dance On" poster in this is just perfect.
    She really is. I was so happy she got her own movie, and it took off, leading to sequels. And my sister actually went as her for Halloween like 5 years ago. I think she still has the green tutu.
    It's okay haha, it made me laugh when reading it.
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  19. We lose another album track today guys.
  20. #45 - Darling I'm A Mess: 5.54
    Darling I'm A Mess Single Cover.jpg
    Highest: 1x9.5 (@pop3blow2) 4x8 (Me @aniraz @DJHazey @iheartpoptarts)
    Lowest: 1x0 (@Ana Raquel) 1x2 (@Empty Shoebox) 1x3.5 (@Lila)
    My Score: 8
    Favorite Lyrics: I'll try to make our hearts beat in time,
    even though your rhythm might not be with mine.
    (I really can't explain why I love this, besides the fact that I think it's a really beautiful couplet.)

    Well this took longer to post than I thought it would. Sorry guys, just had a lot of distractions today. Anyways, Darling, I'm A Mess is track 10 on Eyes Wide Open and I'm perfectly okay with it leaving now. I mean, I enjoy it, it's cute but it isn't one of my 10s and is mainly non-essential save for that couplet that helped this snatch the 8 I gave it. Plus, I really enjoy the melody. I remember when I saw the title though, I was hoping this would be about the general relatable messiness of being a teenager. So I was a tad disappointed. Oh, but the harmonies are great too.

    Anyways, only four of you commented on this, and you were all mainly positive so let's start with @savilizabeths (6.5) My favourite thing about this song are the harmonies, especially on the chorus. They elevate it quite a bit for me. This is just incredibly sweet, and I like it more with every listen. It may not be a standout, but it’s a cute listen. Yeah, the harmonies really are great aren't they? @iheartpoptarts (8) Next time no ukulele etc etc but the chorus is so there. The ukulele is great! And to be honest, the pre-chorus into the chorus is the best part. @DJHazey (8) It's not anything I'd ever listen to regularly but at least Sabrina has some genuine emotion behind the sentiment. The use of a ukelele always makes me think sunny Hawaiian setting and that usually makes the experience a tad warmer too. She is always able to emote well with her voice, it's one of the things I love about her. And warm is a great word to describe most of this album actually. And finally we have @pop3blow2 (9.5) with I just really love her doing this style. We've noticed boo, you keep doing you and stay strong through the losses.

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